The business “bit” that everyone misses


Guys, if business was so easy, everyone would be doing it and making millions right… ?


Generally speaking, entrepreneurs fall into two categories:

The spiritual bypassers or the strategy bypassers

The spiritual bypassers use ‘misalignment’ as an excuse to not do the work

And the strategy bypassers use ‘I don’t know enough yet’ as an excuse to not do the work

Neither party will take personal responsibility for the need for both spirituality AND strategy

And both tend to blame the moon for basic shit

Success doesn’t come to either of these entrepreneurs because they’re too busy analysing the planets to figure out their launch dates, or burying themselves in another online marketing programme, both convinced the ‘next thing’ will be THE thing. 

Oh the eyeballs.

But here’s my thing:

The answers don’t come from looking outside yourself, they come from looking within. 

This last few weeks I have been busy on boarding all my new Soul Money Mastermind, Priestess Pod and 1:1 clients. In all three levels of investment with me, the work starts with the same Soul pressing questions:

  • Tell me about your life story
  • Tell me what you’ve learned about life
  • Tell me how you want to show up in the world
  • Tell me what you want for you, for life, for the world

And then I shred their business plan to pieces, and put together a new one with them, using a little bit of Priestess Power, a hard ball business strategist brain (I’ve built so many companies now I’ve lost count), and, most importantly, the SOUL ENERGY of my client. 

You guys have what I call Soul Money. It’s a currency of your own which is inbuilt to make you abundant in this lifetime, only people have no idea it exists, let alone how to use it to get everything they want in life. 

The Soul Money Mastermind is a brand new style of mastermind which blends strategy, spirituality, and science; a mixture of 1:1, group coaching, and masterminding; on a rolling monthly term until YOU decide you’re done.

It’s genius. And it’s insanely affordable, for just £1111 per month (minimum term 3 months and then rolling until it suits you).

Unlike any other mastermind or group coaching programme out there, the Soul Money Mastermind includes weekly calls with my team, both for your accountability, and for your tech stuff, and for your strategy. Plus you get to see me twice a month, in a group setting, and flying solo. The level of support is unmatched. And I’ve done this for a reason:


Entrepreneurs who manage to get out of the gate, usually find themselves a few years in with cash flow problems, over-delivering to clients, selling themselves short, and in a perpetual state of frustration. It’s hamster wheel vibes and it’s annoying AF.

Being a little bit in alignment, and kinda on the right path is enough to get you going, and even to the 20k / 30k / 40k mark. But beyond that it gets tricky because money can’t flow through misaligned vessels. 

It’s at this point you really need to leverage your Soul Money… the assets you were gifted with when you chose to incarnate. 

Your Soul Destiny Blueprint

Your Soul Monadic Contracts

Your Karma & Dharma

Your Soul Gift

All of these create a currency that you can trade in for absolute Soul fulfilment and abundance which is your birthright. 

People ask me all the time, “how can I find out what my Soul Destiny is?”, but honestly I need a minimum of two hours with you to really get some usable clarity around this, and a further 2 to 4 hours to implement it all into a viable business strategy. 

But the time is worth it, when you come through the other side of your Ask Harriette journey with a profitable and Soul-satisfying purpose in life. 

Accessing your Soul Money wasn’t something I could do for you 12 months ago, or even 6 months ago… this new Oracle gift arrived with my ascension into the role of High Priestess in April of this year. 

And honestly… it’s the BIT every entrepreneur is missing from their success map. 

It is my honour and privilege to see your Soul at this level, and serve you into higher deliverance of your truth and calling… one which manifests itself in the true meaning of Abundance: material AND spiritual wealth. 

So, if you’re ready to have me accelerate your timeline, and bring you closer to your Destiny and Abundance, you have just a few options and limited opportunity to grab them:

There are 2 places left in the Priestess Pod starting in October

Just 5 places left for the Soul Money Mastermind which starts this Thursday

And 4 open spaces for working with me 1:1 either through my standard package, or my VIP package

Interested? Hit reply and let’s jump on a call. 

I’m so excited for you.

No more guessing. Just certainty, clarity, and a plan!

My love always



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September 17, 2019