Happy Monday… or is it?


Happy Monday

You know, sometimes Monday’s aren’t always that happy. Even for me. 

Sometimes… life happens. In business, in relationships, in life, in money, in all the things. 

And despite the best intentions to start Monday on a high so you can smash your week, your emotions have other ideas. And they just want ice cream and bed.

If you’ve ever had one of those Mondays, I want to remind you of something:

Everything is happening FOR you, not to you. 

Whatever it is that’s dragging you down today, or any other day, is actually the Universe conspiring in your favour. It’s her way of saying “hey, here’s a lesson I really need you to learn, or something I really need you to experience, so you can become your best self and walk the path you’re meant to walk”.

Many coaches and manifestation teachers will encourage you to ditch the emotions and vibrations that don’t serve you so you can focus on the positive.

But what if we changed that up slightly, and committed instead to this:

“Everything serves me, even my low vibrations”

Say it again. 

Everything is serving you, even the shit days, and the shittier moods. 

So if this very moment is serving you, what is it that Big U is trying to push you towards? How do you become the best version of you from today?

I’ll leave it with you 🙂

My love always


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September 16, 2019