That first class was Aquarian AF


Happy Wednesday! Numerology training has officially begun!

Feedback from the first class has truly delighted me. It was NOT what they were expecting at all, but the Priestess way never is… a Priestess by nature is a Pioneer, and boy did we Pioneer a new way to read, speak, and understand the language of numerology. It is TRULY an Aquarian Age tool.

I walked them through the 10 energy bodies, and the 11 Universal Frequencies and how those bodies and frequencies first came into existence. I shared stories of the Guru’s, invited them into their own unique space as Guru’s of numerology, Light leaders, and seers for the blind (i.e. the patriarchally conditioned), and literally had to hold myself back from sharing the wisdom that was bursting to pour from me. I would happily teach this stuff in a straight 8 hour day !!! but over 8 weeks is far more digestible for student numerologists ?

Numerology is a technology that unlocks the most wondrous discoveries

Say you have a client who is feeling some money anxiety and scarcity, and that insecurity manifests in lower back pain, you would understand through this Aquarian language and technology that lower back pain comes from insecurity, and that a strong 7th energy body helps with feelings of security, so you could provide the remedy for strengthening the 7 energy, allowing your client to feel more secure and thereby opening the flow of prosperity once again.

Pretty cool hey?

Something that frustrates me about the self help industry is that it can get stuck on healing old wounds, when in fact the Aquarian Way is future focused, not past obsessed. We all know where we have stories and limitations… The Aquarian Way is to focus on our strengths and gifts whilst bringing consciousness to our challenge areas. We are beyond healing now. It’s time to evolve and expand.

Side note: Watch yourself if you’re telling yourself you still need to heal before you can move forward (it’s a very old ego trick from the Piscean Age and it’s no longer valid).

Next week in Numerology Class we begin the embodiment and understanding of the first four energy bodies and the understanding of numbers 1 to 4. Get ready for a flurry of 1, 2, 3 and 4s into your life!!

Not yet enrolled? You still have time. Don’t stay stuck. Forward is the Aquarian Way.

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February 19, 2020