Numerology is now a certified training!


You don’t need a certification to bring more value to this world, but I’m going to give you one anyway. For free, because you have a right to conscious contribution. 


And because I know what the Ego does when you see an opportunity to expand your contribution by adding in another skill to your offerings. It starts to tell you all the old bullshit stories such as…


“Can I really charge for something I’ve only just learned?”

“Wouldn’t people want to go to someone more experienced?”

“What if I’m not very good at it?” 

“What if I read people WRONG and set them on completely the wrong path??”


Babe, if you need or desire that extra security and confidence, then choose to become certified in Priestess Numerology and have your powerful, unquestionable (which it will be after 8 weeks with me) new skill validated for those who will be queueing up for a reading from you! 


The certification is by no means compulsory, you can simply come along to class and learn for your own leisure and personal growth if that’s your wish.

But if you’re looking to take this to the next level and would dig becoming part of a small handful of people in the WORLD who are certified to practice Priestess Numerology , you’ll take a short exam at the end of the 8 weeks, and I’ll tell you myself you’re in zero danger of reading anybody wrong. Now go along and charge whatever you want for this exceptional service.


No-one else teaches Numerology this way . It is the unique Priestess blend of Tantric Numerology and Universal Frequency that makes it so powerful.


The language of Tantric Numerology itself has been encoded into us since the dawn of the Aquarian Age. Universal frequencies are another way Source likes to communicate with us via your external world. I teach you how to access this language from within AS WELL AS the external language of the Universal frequencies, so you’re constantly in clear communication with Source, in full understanding of exactly how you’re being guided.

Priestess Numerology doesn’t just give you some vague, could be applicable to anyone insights about your personality. Anything that gives you something that’s interesting, but completely inactionable and serves no purpose other than dinner table conversation isn’t worth your time.

What I teach provides you with laser focussed, crystal clear direction straight from Source. 


The power of this language in the hands of the masses blows even my mind. But this is how it was always intended to be.


When you speak this language, you’ll have the power to collapse time for yourself, your clients, and dare I say it, the world by being able to communicate accurate Soul Destiny Blueprints, created by us all before incarnation.


Don’t allow your bullshit stories to rob you of this power. An official Priestess Numerology Certification is available at no extra cost to you. 


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My Love Always,

Harriette xxx


Posted on

February 21, 2020