Start the year with my favourite word: FUCK


Happy New Year Angels

Here’s what I have to say 6 days in…


??‍♀️Not another fucking money coach with no fucking money

??‍♀️Not another fucking sales pitch

??‍♀️Not another fucking “look at me” Facebook post

??‍♀️Not another poorly disguised fucking marketing strategy

??‍♀️Not a boat load more of the most inauthentic fucking crap I’ve ever seen in my life

??‍♀️Not more fucking Patriarchal scare mongering

??‍♀️Not more fucking scarcity mindset

??‍♀️Not more fucking false promises and loaded sales pages


Just no

I’m over it. I’m so done.

I’m also over being objective, and polite, and “consciously compassionate” towards people who clearly don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing… just trying to screw people out of their money… desperately trying to make enough money to cover their bills, and are claiming to be a fucking coach. 

I’m also over people with the fucking social media filter, like “look at me my life is so peachy, and here’s some strategically placed vulnerability so you think I’m authentic and real and relatable, and now let me go back to being perfect so you’ll buy from me”.


The Patriarchy is fucking everywhere. Its lecherous, conniving, manipulative strategies prey on the weak, the desperate, and the easily led.

Fuck I feel sorry for the people who are falling for this bullshit, and not just falling for it, but buying in to it. For fucks sake babe, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

❌Linkedin strategies will not save your bacon.

❌Another fancy marketing funnel will not suddenly catapult you from 2k months to 10k months.

❌Daily meditation is not going to land you on lucky street.

❌And hiring another coach who can’t walk their walk is only going to drain what precious money you have left.

Let’s be honest… you do all of the above because you’re desperately trying to fight your way to 5 figure months, 6 figure years, or the elusive 1 million mark.

And I’m all for you making money babes. It’s what I do best. Help people make money. And I do truly believe in material wealth, alongside spiritual wealth. Both hold equal importance in my world, and I’ve done very well off the back of my own philosophies.


If you don’t understand how money really works, how to embody a truly wealthy mindset, and how to manage your own energy, then you’re going to continue to be drawn in by all these fuckwits I’ve been watching over the New Year period, and you’ll continue to walk away with minimal results. 

You’ll have noticed I haven’t tried to sell you a damn thing since I can’t even remember when. I don’t need to. A story for tomorrow perhaps.

There have been invitations open for my Priestess Pods, Mastermind and 1:1 spots, yes. But those invitations have been sent by my team, and readily accepted by those people who fortunately seem to have a pretty good bullshit filter for FUCK NO coaches and HELL YES coaches. (I’m a HELL YES coach in case you missed that… ).

I’ve left the selling to the idiots on the internet who have been winding me up no end with their false claims, false testimonials, false promises, and false accolades.

If there’s a strategy attached to it… I’m just not into it. Because the truth of the matter is this… if it’s a marketing strategy… you may as well call it fucking propaganda , brainwashing, scaremongering, and manipulation of those humans on the planet that are actually REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL FEELINGS AND REAL HOPES AND DREAMS, and not just easy prey for you to fucking cash in on! Gah.

Last year was all about authentic alignment. Those of you who worked with me, and put this into practice, have seen for yourselves the results and impact this has had on your lives, and the lives of those you serve.

This year is all about selfless service. And lying to people, manipulating people, trying to take advantage of people… ain’t selfless, and it certainly ain’t service. It’s a total FUCK NO.

I’m actually so fucked off with the coaching industry right now, I’m just about ready to hang up my coaching hat. The coaching industry is tarnished. It’s been violated. There I said it. The industry that was built to help people… to make the world a better place… is now turning on itself. Wow that hurts like a fucking bitch. I love this industry. But I hate what I’m seeing. HATE IT.

Thank fuck I’m a Priestess.


In case we haven’t met… Hi I’m Harriette, High Priestess of Light, charged with bringing the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth.

And might I add, I do this with integrity, authenticity, and an overuse of the word FUCK. 

I don’t want to coach anymore. Honestly I don’t. I don’t want to be associated with the fuckery I’ve been witnessing over the last week. 

But I will continue to lead, to teach, to architecturally design and construct the world I want to live in, for myself, for my family, and for those I serve and who choose to follow me.

Teaching is where we will start. 

Prepare to go on a journey of FUCK YES this month, as I take you inside the mind of the Million Dollar Priestess. 

Happy New Year Gorgeous

Feel free to tell those fuckers on the internet to FUCK OFF. Do it twice. Once for me, and once for you.

Love you always

Harriette xxx

p.s. Fuck was used 32 times in the writing of this heartpouring. You’re welcome. Fuck. 33


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January 6, 2020