Not everyone is me but they could be



In the midst of my putting the world to rights in regard to wealth mentality, I was told very firmly by a very well intentioned human…

“yes, but not everyone is you H”

Which I thought a rather odd observation 🤔

Because of course not everyone is me. No one is me. Similarly, no one is you. There is only one you.

What he actually meant was… not everyone THINKS like me, and thus not everyone experiences life the way I do. 

But everyone COULD experience life the way I do. Everyone COULD think like me. If they’d let me teach them of course… it’s a just a choice. To enhance ones knowledge, and to choose to do life a different way.

Why would you choose to do life a different way?

  1. As a temporary experiment for fun because what have you got to lose?
  2. Because your current financial reality isn’t working out for you
  3. Because you still have money worries
  4. Because my life looks pretty damn cool and you wouldn’t mind a taste of it?
  5. For reasons I have no clue about but reasons that work for you anyway

The saddest part of human life I witness on a daily basis, sometimes hourly if I succumb to a bit of Social Media scrolling, is people’s complete incapacity to think for themselves. 

I don’t just see it online either.

😔I hear it in my beauty salon.

😔I see it on the streets.

😔I overhear it on other people’s phone conversations.

😔I witness it in my own family.

😔And on the news.

😔And sometimes even in the mirror.

We are so easily led. Even the strongest amongst us can be swayed to an opinion. 

And the most gripping opinion of all is the one that tells us wealth acquisition is hard work, time consuming, a lengthy process, and only for the top 1%.

It’s not. 

This is just the general consensus. 

But THINK about it… really think for yourself for a second (as much as you can muster independent thought despite the pitiful education and religious brainwashing we’ve all suffered)… is it really true that financial scarcity and anxiety has to be your reality? Is that what God / Universe / Angels / YOU intended for your life?!

➡️WHY do only the top 1% get to have wealth?

➡️WHY must it take a lifetime to achieve financial fluidity and freedom?

➡️WHY does it have to feel like so much hard work sometimes (or all the time)?

➡️WHY do unexpected bills strike the fear of God into us?

➡️WHY do lay offs and redundancies and scams etc send us into horrendous spirals?

Literally the only answer you can come up with for all of the above, is… because that’s how it is. Because that’s what you were taught. Because that’s what you know. Because that’s what you’ve experienced so therefore it must be the truth. 

Until you met me. 

So answer these questions for yourself. Really try think independently about the world and money and what’s real and what’s not. And let this be your first initiation into The Rich Mentality as discovered, embodied, and taught, by me, Harriette Hale… for multiple lifetimes.

You’re welcome.

Your journey into the mind of the million dollar Priestess continues tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Love always

Harriette x


Posted on

January 7, 2020