Shave my legs or burn the patriarchy?


Crisis struck hard in the bathroom this morning – the patriarchy won’t even let you do your makeup in peace.

I’m in New York at a PR event… Unfair Advantage, hosted by Chris Winfield and Jen Gottlieb.

I landed on Monday evening and as soon as I stepped off the plane and breathed in the patriarchal energy here I nearly choked. The conditioning is so entrenched it’s radiating off the people and the buildings like some toxic perfume being willingly bought in bulk.

To say it’s knocked me off centre is an understatement. I’ve caught myself bowing to the weight of expectation, the need for validation, labels, boxes and linear thought paradigms… who the fuck even am I?!

So I called an emergency meeting with my team at 6.15am.

My schedule is tight. I had two options:

  1. Beautify myself for the media mixer this evening
  2. Re-energise myself with the help of my power team and skip shaving my legs

I went for the latter. Needs must.

In 15mins my team and I formed a very palpable strategy:

Stick a finger up to the patriarchy. Burn that bitch. Stand so strong in my Priestess Power I’ll emit my own antidote to the toxic stench around me. And you can bet I’m packing crystals in my bra!

So as my unshaven legs carry me in for Day 2, I’m unleashing the shock factor. I’m shaking up this damn city.

I’m a Priestess. I change lives for a living.

I’m damn good at what I do and I’m beyond humbled to be able to do it, but let me tell you this , that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Being a Priestess is far more than a title. And I see too many people quick to take on the mantle without taking on the commitment.

To become a Priestess is not something you do overnight. It’s not a pretty label that you just decide to claim.

You do not self initiate as a Priestess.

You work your fucking arse off, train in every Divination modality there is, exercise massive restraint, humility, and personal responsibility… and patiently wait with Grace to be invited into an initiation ceremony by a High Priestess.

Conditioning and patriarchal power play has seeped into Spiritual Leadership. As I sit here trying to come up with a single sentence elevator pitch that will satisfy the publicist who’s demanding Priestess credentials, it begs the question, are the media making it worse?

Possibly. Am I going to do something about it?

Watch me blow this bitch from the inside out ?

No one puts baby in the corner.

And NO ONE puts a Priestess in a god damn box.

I’ll report back tomorrow. Until then… love always



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November 6, 2019