1111 the Remembrance Portal


11/11 is known Globally as the day we stop to remember those who served and died for us in the battle between good and evil

I’d like you to remember someone else today. Someone else who has been fighting….


You’re also fighting battles, perhaps ones you’re not aware of:

?The battle to remember

?The battle against the patriarchy

?The battle against conditioning

?The battle against your own ego

?The battle against fear and scarcity

?The battle against suppression

?The battle against your own wounds

The battles you fight in your day to day life, whether it’s battling with the kids to get out of the house on time in the morning, or battling with your other half to make yourself feel heard, or battling with the negative narrative in your head telling you you can’t do something… they wear you down. They tire you out. And the most important battle gets forgotten:

The battle to remember. 

11.11 is a powerful portal, yes. If you’re reading this I don’t need to explain to you the importance of 1111 in Universal language.

And you’ve probably already read somewhere on the internet that today is a call to alignment from the Universe, or as I call her, the Energetic Intelligence.

Yes it’s a great day for energy clearing, yes it’s a great day for setting intentions, yes it’s a great day for getting into alignment with everything you desire for yourself and your future. 

BUT, I always go deeper than the stuff you read on the internet… I’m your Priestess.

1111 is your comrade in the battle to remember yourself.

Who are you? Why are you here? What do you intend to be, do and have in your current incarnation?

The thing I see my people struggle with the most is clarity and validation.

?Am I doing the right thing?

?Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?

?Is this launch the right one?

?Is this the right choice / decision?

?Should I even be pushing this job / relationship / business?

?What is my Soul purpose?

?Is this really happening as it’s meant to?

?Why am I still struggling with money?

?Why am I still unfulfilled?

?Why can’t I just be more grateful for my blessings?

^^^ All of these thoughts stem from the battle you’re losing…. the battle to remember. 

A recent client of mine had all these thoughts. She didn’t understand her family dynamic, which was toxic and painful. She didn’t understand why she was suddenly feeing the pull to completely change direction in her business. She was at a crossroads and needed clarity, guidance & understanding. 

She only worked with me for a month. It’s all she needed. During one session, in Divine download, I received her entire Soul history and the reasons why she had chosen to incarnate into her family set up. I also received the spiritual guidance and tools needed to help her free herself from the wounds she’d been battling her whole life. And as for her business… she is being well and truly shoved in the direction her Soul was calling her towards anyway, only now she’s doing it with more clarity & conviction. 

I spent an “interesting” week in New York last week, which I’ll share more on later, but it caused me to pause for a moment, and use my own gifts to fight the battle to remember.

I’m a Spiritual Architect. The High Priestess of Light. I build those who go on to change the world… healers (of all capacities), coaches, mentors, writers, psychics, pioneers, philanthropists, activists, speakers, educators, scientists, and even aspiring Priestesses. 

So I took to my consciousness container to ask how do I best serve these people, and here’s what we devised. I have space for the following:

➡️8 1:1 clients (for life and business)

➡️8 Soul Money Mastermind clients (for business)

➡️8 Priestess Pod clients (for business)

➡️8 Priestess Protege clients (to become a Priestess)

➡️2 VIP clients (for life & business)

?An unlimited number in the School of Mastery

At present the Soul Money Mastermind & Priestess Pods are FULL. In fact they’re over subscribed.

But I do still have space for a few more 1:1 clients effective immediately, and as of January, I will be opening up space for 8 women looking to step into the role of Priestess, in my brand new Priestess Ring.

If you’d like to chat to me about working with me 1:1 in a life or business coaching capacity, or if you’d like to discuss becoming a Priestess, please book in for a virtual coffee date here:

>>> Chats with the Priestess <<<

Please note my 1:1 packages start at £2222, and the Priestess Ring programme is a 5 figure investment so please don’t waste my time or yours.

If you already know you’re ready to hire me 1:1, please make sure you book in here. 

I won’t jump on the fear bandwagon that’s been created around 1111, and tell you that you MUST make decisions about your future today, because frankly that’s ridiculous, and decisions made from fear and FOMO won’t serve you anyway. BUT, I will support the notion that 1111 is a powerful portal, and if you wish to make an empowered decision today then the Universe really will act as your comrade in the battle to remember:

Who you are. Why you’re here. What you’re supposed to be doing.

I’d love to help you uncover all of this, and/or provide more clarity & conviction around your current path, or perhaps even a new one.

If nothing else, take two minutes to ask yourself these questions today. You might be surprised by the answers you hear.

My love always


p.s. for those interested in the Soul Money Mastermind, this mastermind is fluid and operating on a “one in one out” basis, so there may be some spots opening up next month. If you’d like to be on the waitlist to nab one of these spaces, please hit reply and let my team know. Similarly, if you’d like one of the 8 Priestess Pod spots available from Jan, please hit reply to get added to the wait list!


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November 11, 2019