My decision to leave Facebook…


This morning’s journal focused on where I want MORE in my life (energetically and cosmically speaking, this is the focus for all of humanity for the next 4-5 months… if you’re not already thinking about it… start!).

A huge theme for me at the moment is more space and more leadership. I am the High Priestess of Light, charged with bringing the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth. I have been pioneering new ways to do this for years and I continue to be one of the world’s most successful coaches and leaders on the teaching and acquisition of abundance.

To quote a client just yesterday: “I have taken several money consciousness classes throughout the years and it is my opinion that yours is the most thorough and most effective. I also originally come from the traditional finance space (was a financial writer for eight years) and find your work so refreshing in an industry that is so outdated and is still leaving people broke…Since joining The Rich Mentality I paid off over $20,000 in business debt that I’d taken on just before the pandemic hit. We also got the business back to where it was pre-pandemic and are on our way to seven figures.”


In order for me to take my transformational leadership to the next level, and create even more lasting change in people’s lives, it’s imperative I step into a space of MORE leadership.

Everyday I use my 10 energy bodies to guide me forward with even more clarity & precision towards this ultimate goal: to bring true abundance to as many people as possible.

Today that guidance is simple: GET OFF FACEBOOK. 

For many years I have used Facebook as a platform to light fires, inspire, motivate, educate, exacerbate, and sometimes be deliberately provocative in order to catalyse conversations which lead to enlightenment and awakening, much to the surprise of the person on the receiving end.

And then sometimes I allow myself to be sucked into arguments and battles that aren’t mine to fight, don’t serve me, and therefore don’t serve the collective.

I’ve witnessed over the last year the dissolution of Facebook into something I now call a “social distortion”.

The social distortion has created a false fabric of community which has bred a toxic sense of entitlement, a surge of self-proclaimed expertsand a superiority complex which appears as well-intentioned opposition for the sake of a ‘balanced dialogue’, but actually reeks of disguised intention to invalidate the opponent whilst masquerading as an innocent party.

And I’m not innocent in this FYI… I’ve done all of these things, and it’s taken some serious vulnerability and self-leadership on my part to even see it, let alone admit it.

Facebook has facilitated an environment in which it is no longer ‘safe’ to be truly yourself. The sharing of beliefs, ideas, decisions, thoughts & feelings solicit attack, condemnation, and challenge, right down to the choice of words used. I’ve noticed people will start to pick apart the ways sentences are strung together, the definitions of words used, and even the choice of spelling. Are we so lost and so disconnected from our true sense of Self that we need to attack other people’s words in order to validate our own? That’s the world we’ve created on Facebook.

People have spent hours and hours of their time challenging me on my beliefs, my choice of words, my understanding of words & their definitions, always in a bid to change my mind.


Because they’re so unsafe within themselves and uncertain of themselves that by attacking or challenging the person who represents the opposite (or something different / alien / uncomfortable) to them, they can attempt to validate themselves and their own beliefs / decisions / actions / thoughts / words / understandings.

This is false leadership of the Self. Nothing has ever been gained by attacking another, or projecting beliefs onto another where it’s not requested. It’s just one of many ways people continue to give their power away and sabotage their own sovereignty.

Unsolicited advice falls into this same paradigm, whereby people say “I’m not attacking you, but it’s my job to right this wrong wherever I see it, so I’m correcting you / helping you / serving you / guiding you”. However, if the receipt of someone else’s energy isn’t actively requested then it’s offered from a place of insecurity. 

Unsolicited advice has become the norm in the social distortion. It is now ASSUMED that if someone shares something on Facebook that they are asking for conversation in the comments, and very typically those comments turn into a battle ground void of leadership and any sense of vulnerability or humility. It’s almost painful to point out that if someone WANTS to be challenged, or engage in potentially challenging dialogue, they reserve the right to ASK for that, it should never be forced or unsolicited. If someone doesn’t ask a question, it can’t be assumed they want an answer. But again, this is why I refer to it as “the social distortion”.

Call-out culture… yet another bi-product of the social distortion. Every man and his dog has adopted the false superiority which leads them to believe they have just-cause to condemn every ‘status’ or ‘share’ that doesn’t align perfectly with their own values and beliefs. It’s OK for us all to have differing values and beliefs! We wouldn’t be a human race without these differences. You don’t need everyone on your Facebook feed to have the same values and beliefs as you to feel safe… because truly that’s what you’re seeking when you engage in call-out culture or unsolicited advice… you’re trying to create your own safety, to protect yourself from anything that threatens your bubble.

But safety is not found in synergy. Safety is found in sovereignty. 

No one has to agree with you for you to be safe in your truth. You create your safety by staying true to you in the face of adversity and confrontation. 

And your Truth… is YOUR truth. No one will ever be able to share in your Truth 100000% because only YOU have had YOUR life experience. We all experience the world completely differently. Unity isn’t about believing the same things and holding the same values, Unity is about holding all the differing beliefs and values of everyone simultaneously with compassion and consciousness. 

For me true leadership has to start with complete acceptance of everyone who comes into my energy… acceptance of who they are, where they’re at, what they believe & what they desire. I’ll be the first to admit, I can’t do that on Facebook! There are thousands of people on Facebook who aren’t my people. I’m not contracted to serve them, heal them, help them, or guide them… they’ve slipped through the cracks from my old life, and Facebook becomes more of a battlefield every day… a battlefield so loud even screaming to be heard is completely ineffective, not to mention pointless, and the absolute definition of giving ones power away. 

To truly lead I must lead by example, not by my words but by my actions, because my words can only truly be understood by me, as an expression of MY experience, MY Divinity, and MY sovereignty. They are mine to speak, healing me and leading me as they do. My words are for me. My words create My World. And therein lies true power and leadership. A willingness to be so vulnerable and equally powerful that I exist alone in my Truth, seeking nothing from anyone who exists outside of my Truth circle. 

For reference: “my actions” are an extension of my energy, and the truth embodied in all 10 of my energy bodies, and therefore a more powerful force than just my words.

For reference: “my Truth circle” are the people I trust with my power & sovereignty, whose opinions, values & beliefs are equally important to me as mine are to them (this consists of Stephen my husband, and my two best friends who I trust implicitly to have my greatest highest good in their hearts).

All that said, words can break worlds as quickly as they can create them. To use words without consciousness is to break Universal Law (ref. 11 Universal Laws, copyright Harriette Jackson nee. Hale, 2017-2020).

I’d be lying if I claimed to have the discipline and consciousness necessary to only use my words for the greatest highest good of all… on Facebook. My words serve best on Instagram, on my blog, and in these emails and posts.

So, Facebook… this will be my final epilogue here.

I’ll be deleting my account once we’ve sorted out the necessary logistics to continue running the Ask Harriette facebook page and the Ask Harriette facebook groups where I will continue to serve my clients and those who value my words with the intention for which they are written. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, please do (@ask_harriette). And if you’d prefer to stay up to date with my writings off social media, you can follow my blog, and/or sign up to my email list.

Maybe one day I’ll return, but until then I know and trust that what serves my greatest highest good serves the greatest highest good of all.

Bon Voyage Facebook, it’s been a trip!

Love always


p.s. book in call to chat with me about all things “m.o.r.e.”… where you’re giving your power away, where you desire more in your life, and perhaps less in order to create more… and how we at Ask H can make that happen for you. I’m here to lead and to show you how you can lead your own life from a place of absolute Truth, Power & Sovereignty.


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October 20, 2020