You Don’t Need Money to Experience Freedom


The one desire I hear more than any other is freedom. I honestly don’t think I’ve worked with a single client whom that hasn’t ranked high with. When I ask what they need to be free, the answer is usually one of two things…


Money and/or time.


They chase financial freedom and time freedom because they think that will give them TOTAL freedom, but here’s the issue with that..


An abundance of money and time are just external reflections; physical manifestations of a Soul that is free. Money is just energy and time is really an illusion. But your freedom? That’s a case of whether or not you’re truly following your Soul or if you’re still valuing rules and conditioning higher than your true self.


My husband has been reflecting this to me for months now, pondering my frustration with him in my journal this morning I finally took in what I’m being shown. Behind closed doors, he’s completely awake to what’s going on in the world, but as soon as he steps outside, the mask goes on and the track and trace paper comes out (the paper version, thankfully I’ve managed to keep him clear of that god awful app). He’ll be the first to admit he’s a walking contradiction and conditioned as fuck when it comes to following rules. I’ve spent a whole summer rolling my eyes at him and making sarcastic remarks about following rules that make no sense.


But this morning I rolled the pen instead of my eyes. And now I have some questions for you.


What are the conditions and rules you’re putting upon yourself right now that are keeping you from experiencing freedom? 


What is the conditioning that needs to be broken free from in order to achieve that ultimate desire that tops everyone’s list? 


What fears are running the show that cause you to behave in a way that doesn’t support your beliefs, desires or values? Where are you putting on a mask when you don’t really understand the need to? 


You can’t experience freedom if you refuse to behave free. Freedom begins with an empowered state of body, mind and spirit. It begins with a confidence to flout the rules that can only come from complete faith and autonomy in your Soul Self. You’re born free, and you’re conditioned out of it by rules, then you spend the majority of your adult life trying to create freedom by chasing money and time. So let’s reverse engineer this shall we?


Why are you so conditioned to follow the rules? Think about when this first begins as a child..


Rules make the game more fun.

Rules make the game fair for everyone.

Rules make sure you learn properly.

Rules make sure the class runs smoothly.



You’re conditioned to value rules more than you value your freedom because you’ve been told since you were a toddler that they’re for your own safety and equality.


Your Soul has no rules. Freedom has no rules. Autonomy has no rules.


So whatever rules you’ve made for yourself that mean you can’t behave in a way that supports a belief in your desires – fuck ‘em! Screw them up and throw them away. They don’t serve you.


THIS is the first step to true freedom. It doesn’t come when you hit six figures. It doesn’t come when you hire the team. It doesn’t come when you can work the laptop lifestyle from the beach. You could be the richest person alive and you still won’t be free if you don’t know how to listen to your Soul.


If you want your outer world to reflect freedom to you in the form of money, time and environment, you need to first free your inner world.


What rules have you made for yourself that are keeping your Soul trapped?


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October 20, 2020