How’s that fence feeling?


How’s that fence feeling?

I imagine at this point it’s getting a little over familiar with places meant only for luxurious cushions, am I right?

So how about you hop on down and stretch yourself out on the chaise-longue of action takers?

Time asks no questions, and it waits for no-one. 

It will move on with or without you. 

Just like the Soul Money Mastermind will. 

No matter what you choose to do, the next 3 months are going to pass regardless. 

So you could stay on that fence, watching the magic unfold for others but not for you.

Or you could decide right now that time is NOT going to pass you by.

Decide that you’re going to become the master of your own timeline. 

Decide that you can collapse time all together and achieve in 3 months what you’ve been trying for all year.

How would it feel to welcome in the New Year having hit those goals that right now seem virtually impossible?

That’s what the Soul Money Mastermind does. It makes the seemingly impossible happen so naturally it causes you to double take at the manifestation of it. 

Take a moment to set aside any expectations. Because when you work with me, you don’t get what you expect, but you ALWAYS get what you didn’t even know you need. Priestess magic has a way like that.

If you’ve been following the Soul Money Mastermind, clicking on the sign up page, seeing how it can totally transform your life and business, but running away at the last minute…

  1. All that to’ing and fro’ing is seriously depleting the energy you could be using to actually do the damn thing. 
  2. It’s a sure fire sign that this is where you’re meant to be. That it’s time to get over that doubt and fear and give your soul what she’s screaming out for. 

The more resistance you feel towards an opportunity the more likely it is that opportunity is the answer to your transformation.

Sometimes fear is an indication you’re facing in the right direction. 

Time isn’t waiting, the Mastermind begins today.

Question is, are you going to let your fear keep you stuck, under achieving and under earning?

Or are you going to use it at the bridge to soul expansion, soul money, soul fulfillment and soul success?

This is your last chance. 

Get off the fence. 

<<< Soul Money Mastermind >>>

To do this 1:1 in person with me would require a minimum investment of 30k, but it’s yours for just a fraction of the amount.

Here’s what’s included when you join:

?Monthly Membership access – for magical coaching, guidance & support

?1 x 1 Hour 1:1 session with me per month

?One online group Zoom training call per month – this is your time to be taught, coached, and ask all your questions about life & business.

?Weekly individual accountability calls with my team –  to keep you laser focused (this is absolute gold for keeping you on track)

?2 x 1Hour 1:1 Tech calls per month – with my team to help you with all your tech & energy Qs

?A Numerology report from your Priestess (that’s me) ?


?Access to specially curated content from the Ask Harriette Archives while enrolled in the Mastermind.

?Learn even more on your own time. We’ve selected the best of the best, highest-value Ask Harriette trainings & our guest expert trainings, to ensure you are fully versed in EVERYTHING you need to guarantee your success.

?You’ll also have access to recordings of all of our live calls.

>>> OK I’m Ready Let’s Do This <<<

My love always



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October 3, 2019