Feeling stuck? Write this letter to the Universe


Good morning gorgeous

I want to share with you a story about the time I invested in a coach to help me get out of a financial mess. Because it was scary AF, and I remember that feeling all too well. It was only six years ago!

Back then I was a hot mess. Just out of voluntary therapy after trying to take my own life, and still heartbroken from walking away from an abusive relationship, I was also in crippling amounts of debt having nearly lost my business to three of my employees who poached 99% of my clients and set up a competing company less than half a mile away from me.

That’s the short version. The long version is even worse. It’s a miracle I was standing. I was broken in every possible way a woman could be broken. 

I had lost the ‘love of my life’ (a narcissist who manipulated me & stole from me), lost my business, lost my clients, lost my self-worth, lost my passion for life, lost the ability to smile, lost three of my staff, lost a fuck ton of money. It was the definition of a shit show.

Being over £60,000 in debt at the time, I figured I had nothing to lose, and by some miracle managed to get another loan for £12,000, and invested the whole lot in a business coaching package. Back then online money & business courses weren’t really a thing, but business coaching was still relatively new and forward thinking, at least in the UK.

My friends and family thought I’d lost my mind but I was desperate. Desperate enough that my ego died a death too, and the only thing leading me was my Soul. 

This is the thing about ego, it traps us in fear. Fear that stops us taking leaps in the direction our Soul is dragging us. And when we ignore the call we stay stuck in the same position we’ve been in forever, inching forward agonisingly slowly. The whole point of investing energy (money) is that it collapses time, and also breaks down the tight hold our ego has on our Soul.

Investing in coaching and online courses has been the thing that got me out of the mess I was in, and to where I am now… a self-made millionaire making incredible impact in the world. 

That first coach had little impact, despite the investment I had made. But I kept investing. Over and over and over again. In different people. Always taking personal responsibility for the results, and never blaming the coach for the results or lack thereof. I shifted into a place of determination and faked my self-belief until I started to see manifest as reality.

I’ve worked with and hired everyone. Like E V E R Y O N E. Chris Cardell, Marie Forleo, Ryan Deiss, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Joanna Hunter, Amanda Frances, Chris Harder, Kendall Summerhawk, Gemma Went, Gabby Bernstein, Kathrin Zenika, Sam Ovens, Brian Moran, Kari Samuels, Jeff Walker, Melissa Griffin… and countless more. And I’ll never stop!

I’ve invested well over £100,000 on coaches, masterminds, and courses. The result? I’m always learning, always growing, always humbling myself, always taking personal responsibility for where I’m at, and always taking ‘risks’, but doing it with this absolute 100% belief:

?The Universe Always Has My Back

?I Am Here To Do Great Things

?My Work Is Of Incredible Service

?I Believe In The Impossible

?I Manifest The Impossible

?I Am Money Conscious AF And I Know How To Use My Soul Money

The result? I am a self-made millionaire. Doing what I love. Impacting lives. And living my own version of success.

I still get the butterflies and questions in my mind when it comes to hiring new coaches, and taking more online programmes. But I know if I think about it more than once, then I’m in. If it’s a no then I completely forget about it and it never crosses my mind again.

If you’re trying to figure out if you’re supposed to join the Soul Money Mastermind then the easiest way to figure it out is this:

Have you thought about it more than once? 

If yes – sign up. Now!

If no – it’s not for you. 


>>> The Soul Money Mastermind <<<

Assuming it’s a yes, I have a letter you can send to the Universe to help you click the button and actually register.

Grab a pen and paper and write out the following:

Dear Universe, 

I am ready to step up a level. Actually I’m ready to step up a few. I know I’m ready for more than my current experience. The wheel has turned on my life and my Soul Money. I release all that does not serve me and I choose to grow and expand with you as my guide. 

I know my Soul is worthy, and a gold mine exists within me. My Soul Money. 

The very essence of myself is of high value and using my Soul gifts and message is the very thing that will unlock the abundance I have a right and responsibility to. 

I’m ready to create absolute clarity around my business strategy and service and use the support of Harriette and her team to implement the strategy with incredible success.

I’m IN for the Soul Money Mastermind. And now I’m off to register!

Thank you for guiding me through this process.

With love always

[Your Name]

It is time to end your cycle of financial frustration, and strategy stagnation. Take decisive action with courage and swiftness. I am here waiting to coach you to success. 

>>> The Soul Money Mastermind <<<

My love always



Posted on

October 3, 2019