Do you doubt yourself sometimes?


➡️ Do you doubt yourself sometimes?

➡️ Do you sometimes question your self worth?

➡️ Can you imagine a world in which you’re so loved, so validated, & so accepted that you never doubt your self-worth again?!

➡️ Can you imagine a life in which you’re so confident and so secure, that you don’t need approval from anyone?

➡️ A world where you’ve reclaimed your power, surrendered self-destructive control, and created everything you desire from your own powerful alchemy?

Sounds idyllic right? And perhaps impossible? Possible for someone else but not for you?

Here’s the catch… it’s not just possible, it’s your birthright. 

We call her “The Positive Self”.

Today I introduced her to the comrades inside M.O.R.E. – the hybrid programme mastermind in which we Magnify Our Radiant Energy.

Here’s some of the comments in the chat box as I dropped truth bomb after truth bomb on them:

Melissa: “When someone approves of your actions they do not necessarily approve of your essence” – aint that the truth! 


Ramsie: geez…this is sooo good but at the same time makes me realize how “I’ve been soo off” with this!


Victoria: well damn that hit home


Nikki: damn woman


Michelle: Well shit


CHRISTI: totally looked impossible. I swear it was third energy body that took over and input cc information. Second energy body wanted to slap me.


Ramsie: hell yes!!!!!


Ramsie: yup I feel this!!


Michele: This is so resonating with where I am right now. So grateful x


Sinead: I feel like I am in a whirlwind of fuck yes and omg x


CHRISTI: I agree Sinead! I am so glad I took the leap. I feel like I’ve learned a lifetime of knowledge in three weeks.


Keara: lots of emotions stored here. it’s all hitting me hard


Lucy: this is the positive me that showed up to sign up for MORE! she radiated through me! X


The ladies in the comments tonight realised a million things, but here’s some of the key take aways:

⚜️ It was their Positive Selves who entered the credit card details, borrowed the money, and did whatever it took to join M.O.R.E. Because yes it’s a massive impossible leap. But the Positive Self was BORN to do impossible things! And she does them exceptionally well.

⚜️ They’ve learned more in 3 classes with me than they’ve learned in a life time (and that’s coming from my Priestesses too who have been learning from me for the last 6 months).

⚜️ They no longer need to do anything, or be anything for anyone else but themselves. They don’t just “know” this on a surface level now. They’ve embodied this.

⚜️ They finally understand the root of all their self-worth issues and that root has been pulled out entirely. Gone. No more doubting worthiness or letting the lack of self-worth stand in the way of manifestations.

⚜️ They’ve reconnected with their personal fire, with hope, with crazy massive dreams, and the artist inside of them who is born to create.

AND SO MUCH M.O.R.E. Obviously… because ‘more’ is the vibe all day long.

You have all of this magic inside of you too Ellie. This isn’t a “oh they have ten energy bodies to activate and I don’t” gig. We are born equal and we die equal. You just didn’t know what to do with your energy until now.

Know this… if you’re reading these words, if you’re receiving this invite… your SOUL brought you to this opportunity. And if you keep turning it down, you’re denying your Soul, and you’re succumbing to the negative narratives of your ego. (FYI, you have a Negative Self too who isn’t as scary as she sounds but that was last week’s class… on replay with lifetime access for you too when you sign up).

Nothing happens by accident. You aren’t given these opportunities so you can turn them down. You manifested this shit. 

And you’re making a choice.

⚜️ One choice serves you Soul and catapults you into magnificent radiant energy, free from self-doubt, anxiety and mediocrity.

? The other choice keeps you on the hamster wheel you’re already on.

There’s an aspect inside of you screaming at you to take the leap and join us for M.O.R.E. I want you to listen to her. 

Now, technically, the doors are open until the end of the month. BUT, the coaching calls with me start on Thursday. I wouldn’t want you to miss that. 

Close your eyes. Put a hand on your heart. And listen to the whispers of your Soul. It might just be a tiny whisper today, but 5 months from now it could be the loudest powerful roar, and the only one you’ll bother listening to ever again.

Hear the call? Feel the nudge? Still scared… good. It’s time for change. And it’s OK to be scared of that. Run towards it, not away from it.

>>> Jeez H you’re crippling my negatives here! I’m IN! <<<


My love always



Posted on

October 27, 2020