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Quite recently I found myself “holding back” in the presence of my husband Stephen’s friends. Holding my tongue. Holding my passion. Holding my essence.

I’m SO different, I’m aware I can make people very uncomfortable. Unintentionally of course… I LOVE humans. BUT, my ideas are unorthodox, they challenge all the norms, & the status quo. I see the world completely differently, and often see things others can’t see at all. I know things about the Universe and about people that the majority can’t even begin to wrap their heads around.

And I’m passionate. Furiously passionate about opening people’s eyes, ears, and hearts to MORE (whatever more is to them… and often it can be something they’re not even aware of).

Being so “out there” (I think) is more challenging for other people than it is for me. I’m becoming more radiant as I embrace my role on this Planet – I swear the small print on my Soul contact must read “I solemnly swear to be as bonkers as humanely possible” ? … always read the small print people! BUT, I do have moments of sadness when I can see I’ve pushed one too many buttons simply by being myself. It gets quite alienating. And then even more upsetting is the way I can shrink and censor myself to fit into someone else’s box momentarily … just so I don’t upset the apple cart any more than I have already.

Reflecting on this today… as I look at my husband and feel how much he loves me, despite my crazy Soul contract and all of the absurdities that come out of my mouth… I’ve realised I hate censorship more than I hate upsetting people.

I didn’t come here to please people. I came here to AWAKEN people.

Censorship is fast becoming the new normal in 2020. I just deleted my personal Facebook account for many reasons, but a major one being the level of censorship on that platform. I don’t use Google anymore. And I haven’t watched mainstream media for years. But censorship is creeping in everywhere. And the worst of it is in people’s minds, hearts and egos. 

I don’t want to breed an environment of censorship inside Ask Harriette. I want our community of awakened Souls to speak freely.

⚜️ I want the knowledge in your head, the wisdom in your bones, and the depth of your life experience to flow freely from your mouth.

⚜️ I want you to experience true freedom in your sharing and your serving, whether you do it through your business, or just in life in general.

⚜️ I don’t want you to be one person for your clients, and another for your friends and family.

⚜️ I want you to be unapologetically you in all situations.

?No Censorship Here ?

I’m so passionate about this, I even “uncensored” my most recent signature programme, the M.O.R.E. Mastermind, so that all who learn from me in this container, can also pass on the knowledge without fear of breaking intellectual property laws or being accused of being a ‘copycat’.

Being in my container, learning from me, and sharing your energy with me, is part of your life experience…. and all your life experiences are sacred, are of high service, and are to be shared to serve others. 

I may maintain this model with every programme I open from here on out, because for those of you who’ve known me for a few years, you will have witnessed my tenacious ability to constantly create new programmes, new containers, and a never ending stream of brand new knowledge. I always smile when someone says to me “I’ll wait till next year” because very few of my programmes see the light of day again once I’ve delivered them once. I just evolve too damn quick. But of course all courses have lifetime access.

Regardless, I invite you stand with me, uncensored in all you do, and all you say. 

Don’t shrink to be less of yourself because that fits someone else’s expectation. If they’re uncomfortable in your energy, they may leave… or they may just stick around because everyone’s Soul knows uncomfortable leads to expansion, and expansion always equals abundance. That’s their choice. Don’t make it for them. 

The doors for M.O.R.E. are still open. Come join me in our radiant, uncensored, unapologetic AF container to learn from me, be coached by me, and get certified and licensed in the Ask Harriette methods.

>>> You’re so right H, I’m ready to be MORE of me <<<

My love always



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October 25, 2020