You don’t need to be validated, but you want to be

You don’t need to be validated but you want to be, and that’s OK

This desire to be loved, accepted, known, seen, heard, witnessed, and even celebrated is part of what makes us human. In fact it’s part of what makes us energetic beings.

In yesterdays energy body 2 masterclass, I explained the phenomenon which is our energetic separation from Source (God / Universe / Life before birth) and how we become aware of that energetic separation in our energy & our physical bodies, specifically the 2nd energy body, The Negative Self, and what that feels like as a human. 

It’s a feeling of longing to belong. It’s a hunger, a thirst, quite often unquenched, that keeps us yearning, seeking, & searching, not ever really knowing what it is we’re searching for.

We spend our whole lives entering into new relationships, ending older complete ones, and deepening the relationship we have with ourself and the world. Always trying to find something in those relationships, and moving on when we can’t find it.

We pursue money, purpose, meaning, understanding, explanation and answers. We pursue goals, dreams, ambitions, & passions, often moving on when we don’t find the answers we seek.

We chase answers for the question we think we’re asking, but truthfully underneath it all, we’re only asking one question, and searching for one answer.

The Question: What is it that I’m searching for?

The Answer: A feeling of peace, completeness, and oneness with myself, and with “The One” (whatever that means to you).

The bittersweet truth is that we never find it. And, we’re not supposed to.

But the yearning… that’s the thing that keeps us getting back up, and trying again. It’s our driver, our forward motion. Many don’t know why they continue to put one foot in front of the other, to keep trying, to keep going through life… this is why. It’s that yearning you know is there, but you didn’t know was there, perhaps until right now.

To experience the longing to belong is one of the beautiful blessings of human life. 

The goal is not to find belonging, but rather to find peace in this extraordinary duality. This is the meaning of life. 

And it really can be extraordinary if you let it be. Spiritual and scientific truth has changed my life; the way I live it, breathe it, and have a relationship with it.

When I find myself in very human states of wanting to be liked, loved, validated, needed, even applauded… I smile, and lean in to that humanness. I know it’s the longing to belong of my second energy body that fuels these states, and that’s not bad or wrong. It’s part of the beauty of being human.

We don’t need to be validated, but we want to be, and that’s OK. 

Just, don’t drive yourself mad trying to solve the problem that is life, or the brokenness that you’ve assigned to yourself.

There is no problem. There is nothing to fix. Only truth to be realised:

You long to belong, because in your humanness, you have momentarily separated from Source. You now exist in a human body, for a time, to live out a mission, one that you might never even figure out. But you don’t need to. The mission is to life live, in all of its bittersweetness, in the misunderstanding, in the serendipitous moments, in the chaos, and the confusion, and the joy, and the love. Always love. 

Keep asking the questions, keep chasing the answers. Not because there’s peace to be found at the end, but because peace exists at each stepping stone along the way.

I love you


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