You Can Make As Much Moolah As You Desire Every Single Day

Happy Monday!

You can make as money as you like every single day. In fact we put together a little IGTV video highlighting some of the things I mentioned in the Queendom classyou can watch it here. Not on IG? Don’t worry, here’s some hot tips you can implement today to add financial depth to your moolah-manifesting efforts:

💰 Add Financial Depth – what do I even mean by this?

You’ve likely already got an offer / product / service / package of some description right?



  • Add on a VIP option 
  • Add on 7 days follow up support
  • Add on “one intuitive question” with response to be asked any time in the next X days
  • Add on a subscription option to make it an ongoing thing
  • Add on a payment plan option to make it more easily accessible right now
  • Add on a follow up consultation for one months time



Get it? This is depth (one of the core values of Ask H by the way, not just financial depth, but spiritual depth too).

💰 Create an upsell or downsell – what do I mean by this?

Whatever you’re currently offering right now, I know 99% of you will be disheartened by the fact that not EVERYONE is buying from you like it’s the best thing since sliced bread… but worry not, because people are orbiting your world for a reason, and the majority of your audience WILL become customers / clients at some point. Some people just take a little longer than others. And for some people they’re just waiting for that “perfect fit”. Consider that your existing offering might not be the perfect fit, and prepare an upsell (a higher value item) or a downsell (a lower value item) to offer once you’ve “closed the doors” on your existing offer. 

💰 Don’t close the doors!! – what do I mean by this?

Perhaps counter intuitive to what I just said (but you wouldn’t apply all of these strategies all at once), consider not closing the doors on your current offer and instead turning it into an evergreen programme, or something you just have on your website available at all times, for example, my 11 Universal Laws class, my Desire Decide Done Money Manifesting Bootcamp, and both my Numerology courses, are accessible all year round from the ‘Courses’ drop down menu on my websiteFeel free to go check this out by the way, I practice what I preach!

💰 Send a private invitation – what do I mean by this?

Not all “sales” have to be public. There’s nothing to stop you reaching out to an old client, a family member, a neighbour, or an “internet friend” and sharing with them something you’ve got available at the moment. It doesn’t have to be a hard sell, or super pitchy, in fact I highly recommend you avoid all icky sales tactics at all costs, but don’t be scared to invite people into your energy, to have conversations with you, to look at what you’re offering. They might say no, and that’s OK. But what if they say yes?! And thank you so much, this is exactly what I need!!

I’ve said this a thousand times but I won’t stop so here you go again:

You have a right and responsibility to abundance. The responsibility bit means taking action DAILY. 

The Universe doesn’t pay you through your business or your clients (although it often appears this way). The Universe pays you for being you, for showing up for your Soul Destiny Purpose, for taking radical responsibility for your place in this world, the magic you have to offer, and your capacity to heal your shit, get out of your own way, and receive the abundance you were made for. 

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Also, whist you’re here, if you’re ready for MORE spiritual & savvy business strategies and the Ask Harriette approach to growing and scaling your business, make sure you check out Source Mind and/or book in a chat with me to chat about it. 

I’m looking for female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to 6-figures and multi-6 figures in the next 12 months. You might be half way there already, you might only be 20% of the way there, but how close you are to your goal is irrelevant… what and who I’m looking for is women who are all in for making it happen no matter what. It’s your willingness, your radical responsibility, and the foundation of your existing business I’m interested in.

If you’re making a little bit of money, maybe somewhere between 20k and 90k (I’m speaking in english pounds here so internationally these figures might change), and you want to get past the 100k mark, talk to me. If you’ve been in business for a while (non time-scale specific) but have existing clients, and existing offers that you’ve already established, then you’ve got a foundation that I can apply by business savvy skills to and help you scale. 

I’m looking for game changers, women on a mission, world shakers, women with vision, and women who are fully committed to showing up. I’m talking daily commitment here, and the reason I’m so specific about these qualities in the women I work with, is because my work is GUARANTEED. It’s a moolah-back guarantee. So I need to know you’re serious. And ready. It’s growth time baby!

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