Women won’t change the world

When the Dalai Lama said western women will change the world, I suspect what he meant was the feminine energies with access to power will change the world.

Feminine energies don’t reside exclusively in women. Feminine energies reveal themselves in artistry.

Authors. Speakers. Dancers. Musicians. Traditional artists. Coaches. Motivational speakers. Healers. Mentors. Parents. Creators of all kinds. Photographers. Videographers. Producers. Designers. Visualisers. Writers. Teachers. Stylists. Beauticians. Hairdressers. Midwives. Recruiters. Social media-ists. Those in support roles inside creative companies. 
In a nutshell… anyone who operates from and with heart and soul, with an intention to create in some format.

We are the artists. And history shows us in no uncertain terms how artists have shaped the world.

Yesterday I watched the King and I from Rodgers and Hammerstein. A movie I’ve watched hundreds of times in my childhood.
I needed the reminder of the power of artistry.
Messages woven into media in a way that hits different.

I cried. Buckets.

Music is alchemy for me.
As a professionally trained musician and dancer, a professional music career in my past, owner of a music school and a dance studios, and a lifetime lover of music that makes me feel…. Music is my alchemy.

Last week during Legacy, I’m not sure there was one dry eye in the house. I might not be able to move people with my music anymore but I still consider my words and my teachings to be artistry.
My art these days is inspired by music, by life, by my teachers, and by my clients. It’s through my muses that my Legacy makes itself known.

Artistry creates alchemy which creates Legacy in motion. 

So I invite you to contemplate where your artistry makes itself known. 

Perhaps in the lullaby that gently comforts your child to sleep.
Or the subtle sway of your hips as you get ready to music each morning.
Maybe it screams through the screen as you drop truth bombs of youness on your audience.
Or perhaps you create pictures that inspire emotions, memories, new perspectives and healing. 

Maybe you simply make space to really have a moment, suspended in time, a sacred pause that reflects your power back to you. 

Do you allow the feminine to be fully expressed? Where in your life do you experience surrender, receptivity, trust, flow, creative freedom, pleasure, vulnerability, unconditional love, compassion? 

Art brings people together. The feminine creates unity, oneness that will heal the entire world. 

It starts with you, activating your artistry, allowing the feminine in you to rise and become a tool for alchemising each space you show up in your presence. 

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My love always,