Who do you WANT to be?

Who do you WANT to be?

Sounds like a simple enough question doesn’t it, but it’s really pivotal and enlightening to help you see where you’re holding yourself back. 

I touched on this briefly on last weeks IG live. Check that one here if you haven’t already, and the follow up live I did a few days ago.

When we’re in our excuses, in our limiting beliefs, in the vibrations that hold us back, we’re not being true to who we actually are. 

Who we actually are is an expansive abundant Soul being incarnated in a human body for the purpose of the betterment of all, including ourselves.

So easy to forget that though. SO EASY.

So instead we confine ourselves to containers of identity which suppress us rather than creating a sanctuaried state-of-being in which we can be fully expressed and free in being who we WANT to be.

For example…

You might say

“I can’t sign up for another course, programme, container etc until I’ve implemented everything I’ve learned from the last one AND made it work to the point I can see actual tangible results”

All this does ultimately is make yourself feel like shit because you’re, a) denying yourself your desire to continue exponentially pursuing your self-development and b) holding yourself to ransom to achieve something in order to give yourself permission to do something else

Both the denial and the ransom create an energetic frequency within you which practically disables you from co-creating and manifesting the results you desire, and so you stay stuck on a hamster wheel of not being able to go anywhere, you get in a rut so to speak, beat yourself over the head with a stick even harder because you’re not achieving the thing that you “needed” to achieve to get what you want, and therefore never getting what you actually want…

… therefore never BEING who you WANT to BE. 

Crazy right?! But yet we do it to ourselves all the time. Conditions conditions conditions. Excuses excuses excuses.


Because the unknown is scary. Pushing ourselves to our next level can feel exhausting. It’s the fear that exhausts you rather than the actual self-development bit… that bit is easy when you actually allow yourself to step into it without condition, but we tell ourselves it’s exhausting as an excuse to not do it, because it’s more comfortable staying stuck on the hamster wheel and making conditional excuses as to why we can’t have what we want now, than it is to actually throw caution to the wind and just do whatever you want to do now.

So who do you want to be?

💎 I’ll bet you want to be the woman who can have it all… the capacity to continually reinvest, grow, learn, whilst receiving abundant streams of income, whilst raising a family, whilst having an abundance of time, whilst etc etc. You get the vibe.


💎 I’ll bet you want to be the woman who doesn’t have to choose between two things that she wants.


💎 I’ll bet you want to be the woman who doesn’t succumb to her conditional and limiting beliefs.


💎 I’ll bet you want to be the woman who can say yes to it all because she trusts herself fully.


💎 I’ll bet you want to be the woman who says ‘eff the past experiences, none of those are valid or true anymore, I get to choose and claim a new identity, I get to take massive leaps, jump into all the things I desire, and do as I please with no consequence.


💎 I’ll bet you want to be the women who isn’t overwhelmed by her negative thoughts and feelings.

But you tell me…. ask yourself who do you WANT to be?

And that woman… the woman you WANT to be …. how would she show up right now? What would her thoughts be? What would her actions be? Would she go for it?

I know I would.

My love always


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