When you’ve got a Priestess on your team… you can’t lose


When you’ve got a Priestess on your team… you can’t lose

It’s a sudden upside to having me walk into your life. So I’m told. Not just friends and family. Clients too. 

They say miraculous things start to happen. Feeling better. Making more money. Falling into miracle situations. Finding the perfect man. Securing dream jobs. Just “getting life” more. 

In fact my parents swear blind every time they come to visit me and Ostara, they make more money. Simply by being in my energy. Because they actively take time AWAY from work to visit us. And yet somehow they have their biggest money days whilst staying with me. 

Friends reach out to me all the time. And just ask to hang out because they need my energy. And it’s the miracle cure every time. 

They say the power of the Priestess is in her presence. 

Actually I know my power is forcing you in to YOUR presence. It’s nothing to do with me, my skill set, my wisdom, my experience, my refusal to listen to your bullshit, my ability to disarm you and your ego, my unwavering belief in your dreams… and everything to do with you. 

Activating you 

Expanding you

Believing in you

Supporting you

Pushing you 

Inspiring you

Enlightening you

Holding you as you expand 

Ok so maybe it’s a tiny bit to do with me haha but the biggest shift starts with you. Your choice to move into my energy. Your desire to learn something new and level up. Your commitment to radical self love by recognising and honouring your desire to awaken your soul money. 

Your Soul has a value. A huge value. 

A gold mine exists within you. 

You have Soul money that you’re not cashing in. 

It’s a secret savings account your parents forgot to tell you about. 

Your wealth is within. 

In your gift. In your knowledge. In your story and your sharing. In your service. In your love. In your humility. In your grit. In your understanding of how the universe works. In your skill set. In your patience. In your tears and trials. In your mistakes. In your ‘failures’. In your successes. In your relationships. In your emotions. In your human experience. 

Here’s another experience I’d like to offer you…

Let’s cash in your Soul Money and activate your next level abundance. 

Book in for a 15 minute power call to chat to me about the Soul Money Mastermind. 

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We start in one month. 

My love always. 



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August 19, 2019