What you need to know about money

There’s something you should know about money:


It carries a frequency that is only compatible with other frequencies in a similar bandwidth


Here’s something I learned today:


Human beings are only compatible with other beings in a similar bandwidth (probably should have learned this years ago but hey… #notarelationshipcoach )


Back in 2019, I made conscious communication is my ‘thing’. And subsequently, I found myself in some of the most challenging communications of my life. 


But I’ll never be anything but completely real with you.


When we set an intention to achieve something, and we actively focus on manifesting that thing, sometimes it can seem like we end up manifesting everything BUT the thing we desire. 


This is just the Universe rearranging itself to co-create your true desire with you, at whatever cost. Usually very necessary but difficult lessons.


When these difficult lessons start to appear and it seems like everything is working against you and not manifesting as you had imagined, this is usually the point we give up, and our vibration drops. This is when we fall out of the financial bandwidth and we’re no longer a good match for money. Money swiped left on you boo!


Or is it right? ^ That’s a dating app reference which clearly I have no idea about 😂


My point is, frequencies are a thing, and money doesn’t have attachments the way human beings do. If your relationship with your money isn’t 100% solid gold consciousness, you’re going to find yourself in some very challenging spots. Just like you would with any normal relationship. 


Ready to get your money consciousness game face on babe? 


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My love always