What to do when you hit a plateau

You know those days, weeks, months & moments, when you realise that you’ve reached your upper limit. Again. 

  • You’ve made great money, but not more money
  • You’ve had a good number of sign ups, but not more sign ups than the last time
  • You’ve put out the higher priced offers, but only sold the ones you’ve always sold, i.e. the slightly lower priced ones

It’s in those moments you go ffs when am I going to break this pattern? When am I going to break through?

If you know you know. Keep reading.

It’s in those moments that we will typically reach for a new strategy to try, to layer on top of what we already know works, what we’ve been doing on repeat for months if not years on end.

We will convince ourselves that this new strategy, this new thing, will be THE thing to break us through the ceiling of our plateau. 

Inevitably it’s never THE thing, but that doesn’t stop us trying. Entrepreneurs are made of steely stuff. We keep going. We keep trying. Determined to break that ceiling and bust into our next level.

We watch other entrepreneurs doing it on the internet, and notice the feelings that bubble up inside:

  • If she can do it, I can do it!
  • But HOW did she do it
  • What does she know that I don’t know
  • Dammit, if she can do it, WHY aren’t I doing it?
  • She’s no different to me
  • Wait… she is different
  • * insert all the excuses as to why it’s possible for her but not for you *

And in this moment we recommit to our plateau. Because inevitably it’s safer to admit that there exist reasons you CAN’T do it, than to look at the real reason why you’re NOT doing it.

And why you’re not doing it…

“Enough” is a word that springs to mind, but not in the way you might think.

We will buy in to stories like we have enough clients now, enough money, even more than enough to ensure all bills are paid, all needs are met, and even ENOUGH desires are fulfilled (perhaps not all, but certainly enough).

And if we’ve acquired enough stuff / money / clients / security, then that’s obviously the reason we’re not receiving more. Because energetically we’ve matched what we’re available for?

Right? That MUST be the reason. That feels acceptable.
That makes “sense”.


ENOUGH in this way, is just another cleverly disguised excuse to keep yourself on your plateau and not expanding further. 

What I mean by “enough” is this:

“When you have reached your limit for how much of YOU you can put out into the world comfortably.”

How much of you you put out into the world is directly correlated to how much you receive back to you.

To my mind this is a basic AF Universal Law.

It looks something like this:

  • You say the things, write the things, put the things out there
  • This reaps an energetic response from the people who pay you for the things
  • You recognise that this energetic exchange is working
  • It becomes safe & familiar
  • You plateau
  • Then you rinse & repeat
  • Until you release you’re still plateau-ing
  • So * bizarrely * (and this really is bizarre), you look for a strategic solution to solve your energetic issue

WHAT?! Why do we do this ?!

Strategic solutions will never solve energetic problems, no matter how many different options we try.

The most bizarre part is, we actually know this, because we’ve been playing energetic tennis right from the start, and we even recognise that the energetic exchange is working… so to try a strategic solution is nothing short of barmy, when energy has been working all along. 

Creating and putting your things out there into the world is one thing. And it’s awesome to get paid for those things.


UNLEASHING yourself unto the world is something quite different. Because that is pure energetic explosion.

That explosion looks and feels like MORE of you going out in to the world.

The “more” of you you didn’t even realise was there. The purest essence of your Soul, your most unapologetic truth, the words you didn’t even know you had inside you, let alone needed to say. THAT is what unleashing more of you looks like.

THIS is the energy that breaks plateaus.

In Unleashed we go BEYOND saying the thing, doing the thing, putting the thing out there, and being paid for the thing…

This isn’t just you being you. This is you UNLEASHING you. Hear the difference?

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I wouldn’t wait

The world needs you unleashed. YOU need you unleashed.

And that plateau pattern? Frankly that needs to stop. 

My love always