What a difference a week makes

Happy Saturday! 

What a wonderful day to get stuck into Module 1 in MCM Lite eh?! 

In case you’ve missed our emails over the last couple of days, we’ve stripped back the Money Consciousness Method to just the teaching modules – no live coaching, no accountability calls, no extra bonus content or bonus courses – meaning you can access the foundations of money consciousness for just £79 a month (or £690 if you pay in full!) 

You’ll also get access to the private MCM Facebook group, where you’ll find your money conscious tribe, and I have to be honest with you, it’s a pretty magical place to be right now, the results are endless, and we haven’t even started the live coaching or accountability sessions yet!! 

All the class of 2020 have worked through so far is the content you’ll get access to as part of MCM Lite, and this is what’s going down… 

“I already feel so much more relaxed about money and I’m noticing I’m not so fearful in letting it go because it will come back! Only half way through module 1!!” 

“The Universe has my back! It’s not against me and everything is happening FOR me!! This has helped me be so much more clam” 

“I just don’t have the words, and I’m a writer!” 

“4 days in and I just signed my biggest client yet!! Woohoo!!!” 

“Does anyone else feel free and excited already just from signing up?! I was dancing on the beach once I’d made the decision!” 

“I did the meet your Spirit team meditation this morning. It was amazing and I saw and heard more than I thought I would. It was magical!” 

“I’m being flat out honest – I have printed the pre-work page and have thought about all the items on it. I haven’t written anything down. I also reviewed the titles of Module 1.
Since then, I was given $50 (in cash instead of a gift card), I have been able to communicate with my parents better, I’ve been able to ask for help on some areas I’ve been struggling with, and I’m putting ideas in motion to expand and grow my business”

“I am in Au – it is Friday here and I am celebrating a very different week. I signed up for The MCM on Monday morning during that extra day Harriette added. On Tuesday morning I received an email, someone was buying several gift vouchers for my services (I didn’t know them). Today we (my husband and I) received in our bank account a large sum of $$$ we have been waiting for since Dec 2020.”

We have a saying in Ask H land, it’s been around for years now because it rings true every single time… “they come for the money, but they stay for the magic”. People come into my world and into my containers believing they’ll learn how to bring more money into their lives, and they absolutely do, but they also get SO much more than they bargained for. They learn how to create literal magic. And it’s happening already with Module 1 of the Money Consciousness Method. 

This programme changes lives. Fact. And it does it quickly. Just the action of signing up is enough to open the flow, stories of manifestations within hours of joining are not uncommon. Because it’s all just energy. 

Are you ready to open the flow? 

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Love always,