We start today!

Good morning!

Today is the day!! It’s just hours until we kick off the first workshop of 6 Days To M.O.R.E Money


You can still join us, and the replay will be available if you really can’t join live (although I suggest you try, because I’ll be giving away prizes during each live workshop this week!) 


Here’s what today’s workshop looks like… 


ALL things permission – permission to go beyond money mindset, permission to get intimate with the actual energy of money, permission to do it YOUR way. 


Think about your current relationship with money – how you receive it, how you spend it, how you save it, how you borrow it. How much of what you currently do is actually your unique way of interacting with money that makes full sense for you, is completely authentic to you and actually feels good to you? 


And how much of it is a result of continuing arbitrary rules for handling the dough that have been passed on to you without question?
Or where might you be limiting your current income because you’re still buying into other people’s narratives around what’s possible or realistic? 


What if a profitable business didn’t have to take a minimum of 3 years? 
What if launches didn’t have to be stressful, tiring and full of hustle?
What if you didn’t have to pay down a bunch of credit cards before you use them again? 
What if you got to make your own rules for how you receive, spend, save and borrow money? 


What would that open up for you?


By the end of today’s workshop you’ll have discovered how money wants to work with YOU, with your Soul. This looks different for everybody, just like your relationship with your partner is different to your relationship with your best friend, every interaction is unique, and when you’re true to that uniqueness, everything begins to flow! 


You’ll also have total permission to move out of any neediness around money and into total trust and faith that you’re supported. You’ll witness your stories of shame, fear and anxiety around money and consciously break free from the past so you can SEE yourself in your power and the true magnitude of exactly what you’re able to create. 


We start in just 2 hours time, at 1pm UK. 


>> Sign up to join us live or get the replay here <<


You’ll also have the opportunity to WIN one of these babies… 


The Command Your Queendom Masterclass
A complete Money Consciousness Scholarship worth £3222!!
A hot seat for tomorrow’s live coaching session with me and Mia. 


I’ll see you at 1pm! 


Love always,