We Can Be Better Humans (Doors Are OPEN!)

Happy Monday!


What a few weeks we’ve had! It may come as sweet relief to hear all the planets have finally gone direct, we’ve got a beautiful full moon coming up, and we’ve dropped into Pisces season, which is a surprisingly welcome event (considering what happened in Pisces season last year!).


When planets go retrograde, and cosmic shifts happen, like all the ones we’ve been experiencing at rapid speed since the year began, it’s usually an invitation to rearrange some massive things in our lives, in our communities, and in our extended realties. 


Naturally we all have different things come up for us, but here’s what has been coming up for me:


We Can Be Better Humans


? We can BE better, DO better, and HAVE better.


All the stuff we see out there that winds us up, makes us sad, triggers us even, it’s all there showing us an OPPORTUNITY to do something about it. 


As the old cliche goes… be the change you want to see in the world. 


Nothing out there changes, unless we change it within ourselves first. 


However, there’s a difference between real change and rearranging to make it suit. 


“Belief is a powerful thing. We must use it wisely.” – I must have said this a 1000 times to clients in the last month. 


We have the capacity to make ourselves believe things in order to avoid the change that really needs to happen underneath. We can rearrange our ideas, opinions, and reactions to things in order to construct a new narrative that makes us feel better about our circumstances. 


This has been a fantastic tool in the self-development industry for years now. And of course we deserve to feel good about all things all the time, so why wouldn’t we rearrange things in our minds to suit our hearts?


But the Aquarian age is here, and it’s time we do things differently. It’s time we become better humans. It is no longer about the Self, it is about the collective, and if we’re going to see the actual change we desire in the world, we need to do better than simply rearranging our beliefs, we need to actively and consciously CHANGE the things within us that are mirrored to us in the outside world. 


It’s time to really really step up your self-development game. 


Self mastery and business mastery can’t be anchored in spiritual bypassing, ego-centric denial, a refusal to look at the really uncomfortable things, or the creation of more avoidance techniques and delusions to mask over our shadows with yet another layer of perceived “self-protection”. 


❌ You don’t need to convince yourself you’re right, or that you’ve been wronged, or that it’s best for you to “simply walk away”. 

❌ You don’t need to convince yourself that the other person must be a bad person, or carrying dark shadows, or is clueless/unconcscious.

❌ You don’t need to convince yourself that “that’s just how it is”, that you’re powerless to do anything, that you’re a victim.

❌ You don’t need to convince yourself that you tried your best, that it’s just not meant to happen for you, that someone else is to blame. 

❌ You don’t need to convince yourself it’s because you’re a karma 2, or because Mercury has gone retrograde again. 


You don’t need to convince yourself of anything that is actually just a mask. Because whilst it has temporary benefits to help you feel good about something, the thing you’re masking still exists, and will reveal itself again eventually.


We can do better. And when we do better, when we BE better, we can HAVE better. 


? You’re brave enough to have hard conversations. 

? You’re honest enough to take constructive criticism. 

? You’re mature enough to see beyond the surface.

? You’re healed enough to hold compassion for everyone.

? You’re humble enough to keep working on being BETTER!


So, if you’re ready to step up your self-development game, your business, and your commitment to BEING the change you want to see in the world… the doors are FINALLY OPEN!


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Ready to be better, do better and have better? I’ll see you in there, let’s change the world from the inside out!


My love always



Love you!

Harriette x