It’s the end of what has been a really tough week for me personally. Wounds have been reopened, old patterns have emerged, new depths of conditioning have revealed themselves and I’ve successfully sobbed every damn day. 
All this after casually mentioning to my husband last weekend that “it’s Cancer season and I haven’t had an emotional breakdown yet”. Lol, challenge accepted, the lessons of Cancer whispered. 

One of my mentor’s has said to me on numerous occasions; “vulnerability is power”. It never landed with me. I knew she had a point, I let it swirl around on the edge of my energy but it never took residence in my body until yesterday, when I found myself voice noting my peer mastermind through sobs, asking for support without really knowing how to. The unconditional love that came back from them floored me. The way they allowed me to be seen, just as I was, expressing the messy truth of me in raw authenticity created alchemy. And I finally got it. 

Vulnerability IS power. It leads to intimacy and connection. It leads you to call in your army of soul warriors. It allows you to meet your own needs by humbling yourself to the expression that’s authentic right now, rather than plastering on another mask you think the world wants to see. 

Power isn’t being some all knowing guru who has all the answers, all the knowledge and all the skills. It’s not something you collect as you ascend the spiritual ladder, or the corporate ladder, or whatever other ladder we’ve been conditioned to think needs to be climbed to the summit before we hold anything of value or influence. Power is the courage to be seen and witnessed in all states. It’s the courage to FEEL everything and allow moments of vulnerability to radiate out from you as moments of authentic human beauty and complexity. 

Power is grace, the acceptance of all feelings and emotions, the understanding that they all have worth and value and the ability to help you grow and evolve. Embracing the strength in vulnerability is embracing the magic of femininity. When you allow yourself to be truly vulnerable you publicly reject the idea that it holds weakness, thus rejecting the patriarchy’s demonisation of all things female. 

Harriette is always telling me to “be more Mia”. My ego always responds with “but who is Mia?” And today my Soul gently whispers… 

Be more of how each moment feels. 

BE in each experience more, honour it, allow it to be seen instead of altering it to fit the “shoulds” or how you think you are expected to show up in certain situations. 

“Be more Mia” means accepting that she changes from day to day, hour to hour and to the best of your ability, simply going with whoever she is in the moment. 

Today she is vulnerable, feeling it all, and loving every moment. 

Who are you today Ellie? 

Love always, 

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