Are there enough emojis for this day?!

I shared a journal prompt on IG last night:

“If you were as committed to your next level as you are your fears & the shit that holds you back, how successful would you be?!”

One of many things I was personally journalling on last night as I tapped deeper into being unapologetically me in my soul service, the way I show up, and how I sell.

There’s so many things I’m teaching on and sharing inside SourceMind. All the things I’m passionate about and a master at:

🔥 Money
🔥 Business
🔥 Spirituality
🔥 Science
🔥 Soul Truth
🔥 Making Money
🔥 Soulful Selling
🔥 Learning the big lessons
🔥 Releasing blocks & bullshit beliefs
🔥 Levelling up
🔥 Radical self-care
🔥 Responsibility to the work
🔥 Radical accountability & discipline
🔥 Being unapologetically YOU
🔥 Navigating the hard shit with grace
🔥 Strategy
🔥 Self-Development
🔥 Shadow Work
🔥 Deep Energy Work
🔥 Money Consciousness
🔥 Source Channel
🔥 Manifesting
🔥 Soul Destiny
🔥 7D Manifesting
🔥 Priestess Work
🔥 Numerology
🔥 Effortlessly calling in all that you desire
🔥 Knowing. Like KNOW Knowing.
🔥 Recognising when you’re making excuses & when you’re actually out of alignment
🔥 The Maybe Game
🔥 Mirror Work
🔥 Universal Law
🔥 Soul Monadic Contracts
🔥 Energy Alchemy
🔥 Intuitive Business Plans
🔥 Speaking to your Spirit Team
🔥 Trusting your Inner Guidance
🔥 The deepest Faith Practices
+ Everything else that will inevitably flow through me in the next 12 months because my upgrades and downloads are CONSTANT

ALL OF THIS and MORE is going into SourceMind, along with an epic community of successful women, “big players in the game”, already making multiple 6-figures (not that it’s a requirement for this space but just so you know who you’re playing with)plus a team of kick-ass coaches & support staff. 

And here’s where I was struggling to show up as the fully unfiltered version of me at the highest level of service… because SourceMind isn’t for everyone. And so many of you have reached out saying you WISH you were already at the level where you could join this epic tribe of women (I haven’t even shared who’s in yet, get excited!).

🔥 SO… I’m bringing in ANOTHER MASTERMIND, for those of you who aren’t quite ready for SourceMind. 🔥

It’s called Quantum. It’s £3470 for the year (way more accessible than the £12k for SourceMind).

It includes:

🔥 4 VIP days with me throughout the year to deep dive on all the above topics. I will be teaching / channelling / riffing at high speed, at a level appropriate to where you’re at right now.

🔥 Plus 1 live training every month (inside the School of Mastery), plus 2 group mastermind sessions every month with me and Mia.

🔥 Dashboard access to all of the School of Mastery (worth £40,000 immediate access).

🔥 An epic community of badasses who are already fully committed and all in for making this their best year yet.

🔥 Payment plan options are available (obviously). We already have 6 women in. The first call is TOMORROW!

Want in? Here’s the direct link:

>>> Make sure you select the Quantum option, either monthly or annual <<<

Now, for those of you already killing it in business, boy do I have somewhere exciting to take you. Where my legacy leaders at? Let’s talk SourceMind!

>>> All the info here and please book in for a chat or DM in your usual way if you’re already in my world <<<

This is a collective next level vibe all round. Let’s do this!!

My love always


p.s. if my work is good enough for Chris Harder, his beautiful wife Lori, and his epic mastermind peeps… you know it’s good enough for you! You’re ready. Either for Quantum or for SourceMind. Choose your level. Check out what Chris has to say here.