To the 6 & Multi-6-Fig Entrepreneur – What to Invest In

This should be a fairly easy hell yes for you…

To get to where you are in your business, you’ve already mastered the power of investing in the right things for you and your business (probably having invested in some of the wrong things too, lol, we live and learn!)

One of my money consciousness filters I use when it comes to deciding what to invest in is simply this:

Will it make me time, make me money, or bring me joy? If it doesn’t do one of those things, I don’t bother. 

Recently I invested in Mel Wells’s Feminine Force programme. I think it was 7 months for about $2000. Learning all about the Jungian archetypes. I love to learn, especially from others. I’m sure you can relate… you don’t become a 6-figure earner without a thirst for knowledge. It’s just in our blood. It’s the way we’re wired.

I pondered it over night, and deduced that whilst I could probably read all of Jung’s books and figure it out myself, I wasn’t particularly invested in allocating that much time to figuring something out that someone else could simply teach me direct in a way that suited me… i.e. watching replays of calls as and when suits me (bath time is a personal fave time for absorbing new knowledge from fellow entrepreneurs, or when I’m driving / stuck in London traffic for hours on end).

I like having an abundance of knowledge available at my finger tips to tap into when it suits me.

So I snapped it up. I’m yet to actually watch anything, but I will, and I know and trust that what I receive, when I receive it, will be both the perfect message and the perfect time, because that’s just how the Universe works. 

Just a few days ago a lady reached out to me and said:

“Hey I just wanted to let you know why I signed up to your MCM, because as a fellow-entrepreneur I know I appreciate finding out what it is that gets people off the fence and into my programmes. It’s when you said your programme isn’t just for newbie entrepreneurs, but for 6 figure earners too. I didn’t know that before but I’m dying to know what you know about money so I can implement it too, so I signed up.”

And just like that she made a very simple and easy decision. Confirmation that as a 6 figure earner, she can absolutely benefit from, and reap the abundant returns, of my knowledge, was enough for her to see it as a worthy investment.

Which comes back to my personal, by very money conscious ethos, of, if it doesn’t create time, money, or joy, I don’t invest. 

Could the Money Consciousness Method create that for you? Yes, absolutely, and it will… create not just one, but all three. 

Money… obviously, because that’s the point of the programme.

You may be already on your way to your next 6-figure milestone, but why not amp that milestone up a little?!

Time… obviously, because by learning from me, you’ll spend less time trying to figure it out for yourself, and more time simply DOING it and yielding the results.

Joy… we already know you love learning… and the Consciousness aspect of the programme will bring you way more than joy, it’ll bring you peace, connection, and overflowing abundance like you’ve never experienced it before.

And don’t tell me making more money and experiencing more consciousness isn’t going to bring you joy…. of course it is.

Like me, you’re probably not in business JUST to make money. You’ve got a why beyond a why, a bigger vision, a passion for creating radical change in the world, and you know that to do that you’re going to need increasingly rising profit margins, more money than you know what to do with, and an abundance overflow that you can pour into others.

So… 6-figure and multi-6-figure entrepreneur…. should you join the Money Consciousness Method?

I know you don’t have fear at this stage in your career. You’ve done the investing thing a thousand times. I think perhaps I just needed to make it plain and speak to you at a level you can relate:

More time. More money. More joy. No brainer. 

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If you’ve got any Qs, track me down on IG, but otherwise I think we’ve covered off all the important stuff.

Ready to make more time, money and joy?

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Love always


p.s. not yet a 6 figure earner?! ^^^ this is what the mindset looks like, and this is where the Money Consciousness Method could help you get to. So if you’re wondering if you should invest too… YES you should!