Time to interrupt patterns that don’t serve you

Happy Saturday!

As mercury enters into the pre-shadow phase of its retrograde, it’s time to give some thought to patterns you’ve been living in that no longer serve you. 

Especially money patterns.

🖋 What’s your relationship with money like?
🖋 How do you approach your money goals?
🖋 Do you have a boom and bust cycle?
🖋 Or a “not enough” or “just enough” money ceiling?
🖋 Does money have you feeling the same way at the end of every month no matter how many intentions you set for THIS month to be different?
🖋 Do you have a money flow pattern? As in the way it flows in and out every month without delivering exactly what you want to you?

Retrograde kicks in at the end of May

Want to stop those recurring money patterns before they drive you mad again?!

Now is the time to act. 

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My love always