This is what business CAN look like…

(personally loving it today)

OK some truth bombs, insights, inspo, and permission to do whatever TF feels good for you in your biz today. 



This is my current situation:



On the sofa, laptop on lap, watching The Home Edit (I’m obsessed), toddler in high chair,  husband bringing me snacks (I married a good one), voice noting clients, and just generally chilling whilst COMPLETELY TRUSTING THE FLOW.



This is business in a whole new way for me now I’m in my third trimester (baby boy expected in July), and to be honest I’m digging it so much, I don’t intend to give it up once I’m not heavily pregnant or juggling new born life. I mean why not?



We can have whatever we want AND we can have it now.



As human beings we have a horrible tendency to live in the past, surviving on past beliefs, past habits, past “know how’s”, and resisting change, because living in past paradigms feels way more comforting and familiar than stepping into an unknown future, or new ways of being and existing.



Thing is the past doesn’t really exist. It’s just a warped memory of something we hold in our brains (and our auric fields)… for what?!



Who we were is not who we are today.



What we’ve done in our past doesn’t determine who we become today or tomorrow. 



Past events and experiences don’t have any place in your present moment or your future. Yes your past shit will have provided invaluable lessons, insights, blessings and guidance IN THAT MOMENT, but it’s not relevant any more.



Why we all so busy trying to drag past shit into the future? (Rhetorical question, I get it’s the way we’re programmed).



But, what if it weren’t?



What if we could fully let the past go? What if we stopped using the formula of the past to try create a controlled future?



What if we fully released any attempt at controlling the future (because that’s what we’re doing when we’re living in the past and continuing past patterns and behaviours in order to try create the future)and just simply did whatever we wanted to do in the current moment?!



What if you could fully trust that following what you ACTUALLY want to do / be / say / have is the RIGHT course of action for this present moment right here, and stopped sabotaging yourself with nonsense like “it’s not sensible” or “that’s irresponsible”?! Or whatever other bullshit belief you’ve dragged up from your past to invalidate yourself in this here current moment.



The past does NOT EXIST. So why would you let it dictate your choices about the NOW?!



Literally everything you ever thought, believed, actioned, created, made habitual in the past, does not exist. So it doesn’t get to dictate your choices now. You get to choose completely differently. Every single second is a brand new moment in time to choose again. 



Also, side note… other people’s thoughts & opinions of you / projections towards you…. also based on something that doesn’t exist… the you from the past. Even if the past was like five minutes ago. If you learned / absorbed / understood whatever was required of you in that present moment of “back then”, then it’s no longer relevant to right now or in the future. It has ceased to exist. So the foundations of other people’s thoughts & opinions has also ceased to exist. You get to let it go.



The same applies for self judgement. Trust you learned / absorbed / understand whatever you needed to in that present moment and let it go. And if you didn’t fully get the lesson…. the Universe will deliver another one all in good time (Universal Law of Assignment vibes), and you’ll get another chance to pass your assignment in THAT present moment, instead of torturing yourself by living in the past.






Any way… hopefully you’re getting this… other things you need to know:



Today is a 555 portal. Big deal.



In laymans terms (watch this be the most in depth, non-layman version explanation ever 😂)



5 is the energy of the student / teacher / learning lessons AND the energy of the physical body / the Truth / the Power of the Word / the nervous system AND the energy of physical alchemical transformation



2021 is a 5 year (2+0+2+1)



Today is May 5th (I mean just in case you didn’t know lol)



So BIG 555 energy.



The cosmos started shifting yesterday so you may have felt this already, but today it “opens” even more and then over the coming days and weeks it will slowly subside in terms of potency but we will stay in the 5 energy for the whole year.



What does this mean for you?



It’s an opportunity for you to leave the past behind you where it belongs and let it go in a way that serves you and creates space for you to call in and create your brand new unknown (but therefore very exciting) future!



Using your voice, the power of the word, your physical body, and your nervous system (getting super comfortable with your emotions and emotional responses), you get to literally SPEAK INTO EXISTENCE both the release of everything that does not serve you, and the reclamation of who you WANT to be and how you WANT to be moving forward.



Use your voice to speak journal style (like talk to yourself instead of journalling out the words… or do both for extra whammy!), sing, mantra, chant…. do it WHILST moving your body and feeling all the feels. Shake off the shit that doesn’t serve (literally) and get super creative with “receiving” your new self, your new exciting future, and your new state of being that is being born in this very moment right here based on your desires right now, and absolutely NOTHING to do with old beliefs, habits, ideals, restrictions, obligations etc.



I’ll be blunt. I recommend sex. It’s great body work for receiving (with someone who actually GIVES to you… obvs).



But even drinking a glass of water with the intention of receiving your new self-created unapologetic future is just as good. Receive it all baby. RECEIVE. IT. All.



The power of your word has always been uber freaking powerful… but over the next few days, it’s really being ramped up a notch, so use that voice and speak it into existence.



Just remember to watch for the past gremlins who try to convince you can’t be or have XYZ because “insert proof from past experiences” because the past does not count as proof! It does not exist. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You hear me? ANYTHING.



Ok cool. Random Soul pouring and blessings for today done.



Love you!






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