This is bloody genius

Hello again, 


Have you heard of the Law of Incremental Upgrades? 


It’s basically the idea that we take baby steps towards a much bigger goal, consistently upgrading our energy & achievements along the way.


So many people miss this piece and instead aim for the big mega goal, which usually results in egoic kick-back, tears, temper tantrums, and a lot of frustration.


Humans love to make things harder than they have to be. 


Classic example… stressing and worrying about missing out on MCM for cash flow reasons when the Lite version is only £690. That’s less than half the investment of the full programme and a guaranteed massive leap in your Money Consciousness!


I put together this version to help you make the necessary incremental upgrades towards the soon-to-be reality when you CAN drop 2 grand on your self development because you’re money conscious AF.


MCM Lite is for everyone who couldn’t make it into the BIG MCM this year. It contains each of the modules (all 6 in their entirety), but none of the live coaching, extra masterclasses or the Become A Consciousness Creator course. 


More than enough to create a life-altering shift within you, and your bank balance, for just £79 a month. 


The value of these modules equates to £6666. They contain hours of video trainings, journal prompts, meditations, workbooks and practical actions.


All for £690 or 10 months of £79. 


Say what?!


You would be bat shit crazy to miss this opportunity. 


Whether you’re new to Money Mindset & Consciousness work, or just fancy a boost to get you wide open for receiving that money flow, this is for you. 


And of course, as the Law of Abundance states, when you invest in your greatest & highest good, the investment comes back to you tenfold. The height of your consciousness is directly correlated to how quickly that investment comes back to you. So investing in a Money Consciousness course…. total no brainer!!


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