Things I know DEEPLY and really want to share with you

Happy Tuesday!


Over the years I’ve had hundreds of people enrol in my courses, containers, and programmes.


Something I’ve noticed, especially recently, is how many people sign up for my TEACHING containers, not just the coaching containers. 


There are things that I know deeply, that aren’t “coachable”, it’s more of a “sit in my classroom and let me teach you” vibe. 


Things like:


  • There is no “one way to do business”
  • You really can have it all, and have it in a way that suits you
  • Money is an energy that needs to flow through the path of least resistance 
  • How the Universe works and how to communicate with her (yes she’s a she to me)
  • What your Soul purpose is and how to access it (more ways than one)
  • All the divination tools…. numerology, moonology, osho & angel cards, meditation and more!
  • The mindset of money, acquiring wealth, earning money no matter what
  • The vibe of spending money, saving money & why credit is a good thing
  • How to connect to your higher self and your spirit team
  • Really complex quantum physics and spiritual concepts in easy to understand & apply formats
  • All the different strategic ways to make money in your business
  • Manifesting (like no one else teaches manifesting)


I could go on. One of my clients famously said:


“Harriette’s gift is being able to take complex subject matter around spirituality and consciousness and to articulate it simply and in ways that are applicable to you.


I initially came to Harriette for business and mindset coaching but have got something so much more profound – a complete up-levelling of my consciousness. I have reconnected to myself at a soul level and been able to become much more conscious and aware of what I want from my life. I know what I am here to do and unapologetically own it.


As I have uplevelled my consciousness so many areas of may life have improved – I have just had a month where I made £52,000, I am coaching at an unbelievable level, my intuition is through the roof and I am aligned and in flow with what I am doing. It has not been an easy thing to do and Harriette has pushed and supported me in equal measures. The world needs more people like Harriette.”

Caroline Britton

Transformational & Intuitive Coach


Honesty Ellie, I LOVE to teach and I’m really bloody good at it. I’ve developed the patience of a saint (a skill I was not born with ?)


Having my own School of Mastery is literally a dream come true. The fact that we have over 100 students already is nothing short of divine Universe confirmation that this is what I’m here to do… change lives through my skill as a master teacher, Priestess & coach. 


My soul purpose is quite simple: To bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth. Abundance being both material wealth and spiritual wealth. 


I do this in SO many ways, through multiple containers, but the ‘main teaching space’ is the School of Mastery. 


Even clients who come into my inner most circles to work with me intimately will remain students of the School of Mastery. It’s kinda like the Hogwarts school of all things Abundance. Yes we do magic. But we also do really practical shit too. It’s a blend of 3D teachings and 5D teachings (because frankly we need both).


Everything you need to know about self-development in the financial sense, and the spiritual sense, you will find inside the School of Mastery. 


Once upon a time, the School of Mastery was just one classroom, twice a month, teaching on just one topic per month. 


But that school has turned into the University you’ll never want to graduate from. You can dive into ALL the topics I teach on, coach on, & riff on, and then choose to upgrade into the masters degrees of the topics that really set your Soul on fire, if you want to. 


Stick around for your class mates (we have the BEST Soul family), for the monthly live masterclasses, for the guest speakers… maybe even dip into VIP circle for 6 months when you’re ready for serious boost, but as the school motto now goes:


“You’ll come for the money, but you’ll stay for the magic”. 


I am famous for helping people make money in magical and wonderful ways. Money Mindset was my first big explosion onto the coaching scene. I’ve since expanded that into Money Consciousness, Spiritual Abundance teachings, Priestess trainings and beyond. 


The only place you can now access my signature Money Mindset System course is inside the School of Mastery. We call it one of the “core teachings”. It’s something I believe everyone should have. Along with my Consciousness Activation methods programmes, my Priestess Chakra Healing Album, and over 80 past trainings (in both The Library and The Seasons), with live trainings scheduled every single month to keep adding to your knowledge and growth. 


If you’re looking for an uplevelling both Spiritually and Financially for less than £200… The School of Mastery is where you need to be:


>>> Check out all the details and sign up here. Doors close Saturday <<<


My love always



Love you!

Harriette x