There’s A Better Way

It’s time to let go of the frustration. 

It’s time to move out of stagnation. 

It’s time to stop forcing yourself to do life in ways that don’t work for you, that don’t work for anybody anymore. 

The frequency of struggle has infiltrated your days without you even realising. You thought you were past that, you thought you’d joyfully unsubscribed, yet here you are… pushing and forcing, dissatisfaction mounting by the hour, not knowing what to do about it. 

That’s just how it is these days, right? We’ve all got to adjust to the world being far from how we would like it to be. Find ways of coping. Ways of navigating a time previously unimagined. So you keep going, hoping it will get easier. Praying it will get better, that you’ll adapt. 

Isn’t that the actual definition of insanity? 

Isn’t living out the same pattern, day in, day out, hoping it will magically be different one day the opposite of adapting? 

Don’t you want more than simply adjusting to what you’ve been “dealt” anyway?? 

I know you do, which is why trying to just get on with it, even though it’s not working has you in such a rut. 

So let’s clear out the crap once and for all. Let’s get re-energised, re-focussed and re-discover that clarity, passion, drive and purpose. The one that has you manifesting miracles, creating non-negotiable realities and changing the world! 

Changing the world starts with all of us. It’s not an inexplicably enormous task handed to a select few that can only be achieved with endless sacrifice. It’s actually a lot more simple than that. 

It happens when each of us commits to changing our own personal world. 

It happens when you commit to doing life your way. When you say no to anything less than what you ultimately desire to experience. When you decide that whatever’s going on ‘out there’ has no bearing on whether or not you get to have exactly what you want, they way you want to have it. When you commit to being more of you, in the fullness of your expression and the radiance of your energy. 

The more people who commit, the faster the world changes. 

It’s time to shift. 

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My love always,