The truth is in the eye of your creation

Mia in the inbox this morning with a different perspective and a different experience. Gosh that’s one of the things I love so much about being a part of Team Ask Harriette, the diversity of experiences we all have that can speak to the diversity amongst the wider Ask H family ❤️  So grateful!

I am a Mama Queen. And so are you. 

I have not birthed any tiny humans. I may one day or I may not, I’m still undecided. 

But I have birthed 3 businesses, and released them into the wild when they no longer needed me. 
I’ve birthed a non-profit. 
I’ve birthed a burlesque persona who took me on a 3 year performing career. 
I’ve birthed multiple new chapters in different areas of the U.K as I’ve moved where I’ve been called over the years. 
I’m in the process of birthing a poetry book. 

And I am always, always, always birthing new versions of myself. 

Birth is a part of life, no matter how you do it, it’s an ever present process that can make or break you. It’s a right of passage that has the ability to propel you into the stratosphere of ecstatic contribution or dispel you into the depths of self doubt, overwhelm and exhaustion. More often than not, it does both at the same time. 

Being a Mama means being alive. It means that there’s constantly something that’s dependent on you, something that requires you to show up for more than yourself.
It can create a lot of pressure that is going to show you your “stuff” in a big way.
You don’t truly discover who you are and what you’re made of until you birth. It confronts every false version of you, every limiting belief and projection from others that you’ve ever held. It uncovers strength you didn’t even know you had. And it unearths insecurities, doubts, forgotten traumas and existential questions previously buried at your core. 

And all the while, as all of this is coming up to the surface, you have something brand new that needs your attention. Something that depends on you for survival, that’s helpless without your nurturing.
And to top it all off you have to learn what the fuck you’re doing on the job. 

But can I let you into a secret? It’s one you know really, if you cast your mind back to your own early years. 

When my own mother was hard on herself, or critical of her abilities or her body, or questioning if she could do it all. I just saw my mum. Nothing more, nothing less. I just saw the woman I loved more than anything in the world, nothing else made sense in my child brain. 

Anything is possible through the eyes of your children, through the eyes of your own inner child. 

The narratives we use to sell ourselves short, to not show up, to be the reason why we can’t do it today. They don’t wash with our babies. They don’t matter to the business that wants to be shared, to the sculpture that wants to turn heads, to the songs that desire to blare out through people’s speakers and to the story that wants to keep people page turning all night long. 

The thing that’s dependent on you only sees the truth. That you’re capable of it all just by being yourself – your messy, imperfect, inconsistent, ever changing self. 

The thing that’s dependent on you sees you as a Mama Queen. 

I so want you to see yourself through the eyes of your creations. As your highest, most authentic self.
The Mama Queen masterclass, and the entire Queendom Collection gives you the tools to be your own leader, to trust yourself more and to receive the gifts of your babies as your Earth side guides. 

It’s taking place in just one week’s time on Tuesday 25th January, 1pm UK. 

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If you sign up to the entire collection, you’ll have instant access to Command Your Queendom and The Comeback Queen. All classes are stand alone, you do not *need* to have experienced the others to get the benefit from Mama Queen, but if you’re all in on the Queening energy for 2022, I’d highly recommend the whole collection! 

Love always, 
(Head Coach/MD/Priestess-In-Training)