The story of Landon. CEO.

Happy Hump Day Gorgeous


Promised you this one was a story in and of itself (here’s the first part on the blog if you missed it). 


Last week, my tech hell experience led me to Instagram to have a good old British moan about terrible customer service. I was forced to eat my words so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get indigestion. I did get very red cheeks though haha. ?


My rant was quickly responded to by “someone” on the Instagram Ontraport account, apologising profusely and assuring me my issues could be resolved quickly and efficiently. In bullish classic H style, I stood my ground and insisted it really wasn’t good enough and I wanted to leave. I reiterated all the issues I was having much to the dismay and confusion of the poor chap on social media customer support duty that day, landed with the undesirable task of having to pacify a highly emotional and highly charged pregnant woman who was coming out the back of a crappy launch. 


Realising I was probably being unnecessarily bitchy and demanding of a social media dude I told him not to worry as he probably couldn’t help anyway but please could he escalate the issue with someone who could. 


He replied:


“I’m Landon. CEO”


Now you understand why the red cheeks on my part ?


Needless to say I was more than impressed that the CEO of this HUGE company (I don’t know how huge but definitely bigger than ours) was taking the time out on a Sunday to respond personally to customer complaints. Turns out it’s something he’s really passionate about (that and snowboarding), and true to his word he resolved the issues, blindingly quickly.


It got me thinking. My mum still responds to her customers on a Sunday when the other staff aren’t working. She probably always will. I still respond to all my customers on a Sunday when the other staff aren’t working. Probably always will (by the way… to those of you who emailed in with tech issues last Sunday… I’m so proud of us for figuring that shit out!).


There’s a certain type of entrepreneur that really values maintaining some sort of customer-facing role. It’s neither good nor bad, better or worse, it’s just to some of us it matters, and to others it doesn’t. 


But what is important, is to know what your personal ethics and values are and how those translate into your business. 


I don’t know if you know mine, and those of the company, Ask Harriette, so inspired by Landon, I wanted to share:


? All clients and team members are      worthy of the 4 core human needs: love, security, validation and significance 


? As a family of team members and client we value honesty, transparency, vulnerability, integrity, personal responsibility, communication, commitment, fun and magic. 


? For the company the core ethos is abundance & abundance for all. We want all our clients to feel seen, heard and respected, and have all 4 core needs taken care of as much as possible. 


? We prioritise our work tasks around creating joy and abundance for everyone in the Ask Harriette family.


? Something I really don’t value is wasting time on unnecessary tasks or negative emotion when we can alchemise everything back to joy and abundance very quickly (this applies to team members and to clients we’re working with intimately). This is not to suggest all negative emotions are unnecessary, some are valid and need to be validated before they can be alchemised. 


? The goal of Ask Harriette is to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth through material wealth and spiritual wealth. We do this by providing paid for programmes, a wealth of incredible free content, and a community that feels like family. 

I hope this inspires you to think of your core values and how they translate to your business or your work. I’d love to hear them!


My love always