The Power of Commitment

Today is the day it all changes. 

The first session of The Shift has wrapped, the replay is available and the homework has gone out. Those who attended live have already begun shifting, I believe one person commented “this is landing like a brick to the side of my face” – in a good way, obviously, this shift will catapult you into a whole new paradigm. 

Today we talked about the power of commitment, and the power of your word. Two key things that you give away everyday, perhaps more unconsciously than you realise, that can change EVERYTHING. 

You may resolve time and time again to commit to things… a new self care routines, a new course, a different way of eating or moving your body, a daily spiritual practice, *fill in your own blank* etc etc. But do you ever devote yourself to it? 

Commitments tend to drop off fairly quickly. I’m looking at those new year’s resolutions that don’t make it past the third week of January for a start. I’m also looking at the shocking statistic that 50% of people who signed up for The Shift will have dropped off by Friday. Simply because “other commitments” crop up and take priority. 

As a mum of 2 children and 3 businesses, I understand how multiple commitments can be a challenge. But I also understand that in order to create your dream reality it’s vital to bring consciousness to what’s consistently being committed to. Are you devoting yourself to a way of being that supports your next level? 

Or do you keep yourself in a space of overwhelm where you get to tell yourself stories about how it works for certain people but not for you, you have too many demands on your time, outside forces take you down so you don’t have the energy or inspiration? Do you frequently allow self care to become self sabotage? 

The separation you feel between you and those you deem successful doesn’t exist. There is only the separation between who you are now, and who you want to be. Between who you are now, and who you are refusing to be. 

But too often, you use the power of your word to keep yourself separate rather than honouring this Divine gift for the purpose of realising just how successful you have all the capabilities to be. 

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I’ll see you tomorrow for day 2!

Love always,