The Negative Things People Do and Say to Hurt You

Hey you, how are you?


Straight from my heart to yours via my journalling this morning…


Many of us have been on the receiving end of someone else’s negative words and actions. And if we’re radically truthful with ourselves, we’ve also been the cause of someone being the receiver of negative energies. So no one is perfect here, but it doesn’t mean we need to accept anything less than unconditional love and respect.




There’s a thin line between working with the negative, and and allowing the negative to dim your light. 


Let me explain:


There’s taking people’s comments on board, challenging yourself, and making conscious humble changes where you recognise personal changes are needed. This is called being a conscious and mature adult. 


And then there’s recognising where some one else is triggered AF because your Light is so damn bright. 


You can lean in to their trigger, and listen to any of your own triggers that come up in response, in order to make any conscious changes you feel are in integrity, all without dimming your Light to appease that other person. 


There’s recognising the choice of words someone uses towards you, and what that says about them, as well as what that MIGHT say about you. 


There’s witnessing another persons actions & choices with compassion, and recognising that if it’s not how you would treat someone you loved or respected, then you don’t deserve to be on the receiving end of it either.


Yet get to walk away. You get to shut it out (not suppress it in yourself, very different vibe). You get to say thank you, but no thank you. 


And you get to rise TF up from it. 


You get to make it an experience you can consciously contribute from.


You get to integrate the experience into your growth and step up your game. 


These challenging experiences make you MORE sovereign, not less. 


No one has the right to make you feel fear or anxiety. No one but no one has the right to rattle your cage. No one, ever, gets to abuse your emotions, your boundaries, or your sovereignty. 


You KNOW you’re a good person to the core, even if you’ve made mistakes in the past. You know you’ll probably make mistakes in the future, from an unconscious place, and that’s OK too. No one is perfect, but you know to your core that you are fundamentally good, true, honest, and authentic. And you try your damned hardest? Am I right? Let me hear a hell yes!


People who don’t respect and accept you, flaws & all, don’t deserve you. 


People can respectfully disagree, compassionately and gracefully leave your energy, hold opposing beliefs, and do all of this with integrity. 


BUT, if someone’s words or actions are breaching your sovereignty, crossing the line of disrespect, or causing you harm with intention, you get to say no, no more, no thank you. And you get to do it with love, grace, respect, integrity, compassion for you both, and without emotional charge. 


You can do hard things, handle hard situations, and navigate hard truth, all without dimming your Light. 


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I’m not perfect, I’m human and I’m allowed to feel like that and not beat myself up that I’m not this perfect person all the time. SOM has done this for me and it’s great…. I’ve listened to H, the Team and people in the group. I’ve grown so much spiritually also in so many ways but this allowing myself to have feelings, let them in accept them then not feel shit for days which I would previously….today is a bloody good day I’m me and I love me ..thanks



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