The most important message you’ll receive this week

Happy Wednesday! 


It’s nearly time for Workshop 2 of 6 Days To M.O.R.E Money – PROFIT!! 


This is going to drop some serious gold for you, even if you haven’t had the chance to catch up with Workshop 1 or yesterday’s coaching session. In fact, even if you only watch ONE of the six livestreams being delivered this week, I’d suggest going for this one! 


Too many entrepreneurs are still terrified of selling. Petrified of pissing people off, or wearing out your audience, or glowing the fuck up with your free content but shrinking when it comes to asking for the sale. 


So you end up pricing yourself way out of alignment, showing up in an energy of apology when you share your offer or worse, not offering at all because you launched last month and “industry standards” say you need to wait a while now. 


Fuck the standard, fuck the rules. Especially the ones that say you can’t increase your profits today. 


By the end of this workshop you’ll be armed with the perfect strategy that’s right for YOU. Selling and sales have all changed now anyway, you’ll find the Aquarian reframes that get you comfortable with the idea of daily sellingby coming and spending an hour with me live at 1pm UK today. 


Once I’ve got you out of that old icky crap around selling, I’ll be sharing with you the strategic ways you can add financial depth to your existing offers that will immediately increase your profits TODAY, if you choose to go and implement them straight away. 


You’ll also find out how to consciously sweep your business of all the things that aren’t creating an ROI for you so that even your money gets to make you more money. 


Today’s workshop is where we create actual, tangible change in your financial reality. 

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You don’t need to have watched workshop 1 or yesterday’s live coaching to get the benefits of today’s teachings, but we’ll send you the replays of them so you can catch up in your own time if you like.

You’ll also have the opportunity to WIN one of these epic prizes… 

1) A full Money Consciousness Scholarship worth £3222!!!
2) An opportunity to receive live coaching for free tomorrow from me and Mia
3) My Pocket Priestess audios so you have a pep talk from me in your pocket whenever you need it! 


I’ll see you at 1pm UK! 


Love always,