The MOST famous question

Hey Gorgeous

We’ve just wrapped the most incredible week inside the Legacy programme.

If you need to catch up you can grab the replays here (no sign up required, just binge watch).

One of the wisdom drops I shared went something a little bit like this.

Legacy creation is all about losing yourself, finding yourself, and sharing yourself.

It’s not about figuring out “the thing” that’s going to make you famous and rich, right now.

It’s not about scaling to a million figures, over night.

It’s not about thousands of followers and a bazillion likes and comments you think you needed, like yesterday.

💙 Those things exist in the realm of inevitable, which is kinda like a whole new paradigm you create for yourself when you’re ready to break ALL the rules, but that ONLY happens when you understand what Legacy really is, and step into it.

Legacy is the creation & expression of the wholeness of you through the experience of life.

I may well petition the English Dictionary to get the definition of Legacy upgraded to this 👆, because the current definition is boring AF, and completely irrelevant to pretty much every conversation ever had in Ask Harriette Land history. Lolz.

I’ve been coaching for many years. In that time I’ve seen the same pattern repeat in pretty much 100% of my clients:

The idea that the secret to success is something outside of them:

  • A SLO funnel
  • A Facebook ads strategy
  • Over 100k IG followers
  • A massive mailing list
  • The perfect landing page
  • Marketing scripts that convert 100% of clients
  • A free event with 1000s of people
  • Podcast tours
  • PR
  • Guest speaker slots
  • DM-ing people you don’t know to cold sell
  • Going live on social media every day
  • Sending 16 emails a day
  • Standing on your head for 17 minutes every morning in a cold shower after having inhaled the latest concoction of essential oils that are guaranteed to get you “high vibe”

OK you can tell I’m getting sarcastic…

And then the newest fads came in, the idea that success wasn’t any of that at all, and was actually this:

  • A tiny email list
  • No website at all
  • Posting consistently with the “right hashtags”
  • Only working 30mins a day
  • Only selling offers over 10k
  • Being a unicorn
  • 4 hours naps
  • Blending your chakras
  • Talking to trees

Oh damn there goes my sarcasm again 😆

It’s all utter rubbish frankly because what works for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for someone else

What I can guarantee though, is that if you try enough things, eventually something will work for you

And there in lies the key… YOU

It has to work for you, it has to be an extension of you, of how you work, how you vibe, how you love, how you relax, how you serve, how you see the world, how you communicate best, how you desire to receive… I could go on… it’s all about YOU.


The MOST famous question: How do I know what will work for me? How do I know who I really am? What is it that I’m destined to do in this lifetime? Where’s my access pass to my inevitable abundant future?

The answer: LIFE

LIFE in a nutshell is the emotional, energetic and physical experience your Soul desired to have, which is why you, you beautiful Soul, wound up here inside a body, looking to me to answer questions.

The same questions I also spent years of my life asking, and irritating the crap out of dozens of mentors who couldn’t give me quite the answer I was looking for, because truth be told, you’ll never get the answers you’re looking for when you’re so willing to give your power away to the person you’ve unwittingly decided knows more about you than you do.



That’s not to say you can’t hire the people and do the courses to help you do the damn work … I’m not going to put myself out of business here lol, but I am going to tell you how it is.

The “work” is the energy work, because even the best business strategy in the world won’t work if the energy behind it isn’t fully aligned. 

Now there’s more to you, and your energy, than most people realise. 

🤯 Our personal quantum field is actually made up of 10 energy bodies. Each of these energy bodies holds a duality frequency of a specific set of emotions.

Tapping into our quantum field and our emotions with this level of energetic intelligence is not only mind-blowingly revealing, it’s life changing.

I began teaching this work last year with staggering results:

 From 100k a year to 150k a month
 From 12k a year to 55k a month
 Confidently walking out on toxic jobs
 Closing the door on toxic relationships for good
 Breathing a massive sigh of relief as radical boundaries are put in place to support the receiving of more
 Complete personal brand transformations
 The development of seriously magical gifts with lightening speed
 Quadrupling prices
 Selling out courses and programmes with zero hustle
 Rekindling conscious love and mind-blowing sex

This is all inside my hybrid mastermind / online programme, M.O.R.E. (which is open for enrolment for a limited time).

>>> You can read all about this life changing 6 month container here <<<

^^^ This is for you if you desire MORE in your life, and you’re getting fed up of being the half-baked version of you

I use “half-baked” to deliberately trigger you, because if you’re completely honest with yourself, if you’re not making the money you want to make, living life the way you desire, in overflowing fulfilling relationships, and the walking talking epitome of abundance, it’s because you don’t fully understand your personal energetics. (This is 100% of humans who haven’t done energy body work FYI).

With energetic and emotional intelligence we learn so much about ourselves, we begin to collapse time, so we can access MORE of who we are and what we actually desire and were destined for, in real time. It’s a life-changing programme. So life changing in fact, I couldn’t even bring myself to make it one of those “watch the recordings from the live streams last year” courses. I’m teaching it LIVE, all over again! 

I am SO IN LOVE with this work, I want to go through the whole process again for me, because I know doing this work with you, will not only up level you, it will up level me too. And what a better way to fulfil my Legacy than creating M.O.R.E magic as I work alongside my clients?!

This is how we change the world. When we do the work together as equals.

I digress. >>> Everything you need to know here <<<.

And for those of you who also want to work on the strategy pieces (because yes they are v. important, especially when the energetic intelligence is strong), and leadership pieces, and the business / client / entrepreneurial / scaling pieces, and of course the massive LEGACY piece, alongside all the emotional and energetic work…

I’ve just opened PARADIGM – a 12 month Legacy Mastermind for Spiritual Leaders

If you’ve spent a week in my energy learning from me for free, and already know in your bones, in your heart, in your Soul, that 12 months of us working together will change your life, have a read of this. 

>>> Priestess Paradigm is for women who are really really called <<<

You’ll already know. This isn’t something that needs to be “sold”. This is the stuff of Legacy. It just calls you.

And if you’re not yet ready for M.O.R.E. or Paradigm, then have a look at other offers we’ve got open right now. There’s something for everyone!

>>> All current offers <<<

If you’ve thoroughly enjoyed Legacy and you’d like to stay in the energy of this gorgeous global family we’re creating, pick a path that works for you. 

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Wishing you a beautiful weekend

My love always


p.s. doors close on Thursday 18th November