The Infinite Wisdom Inside You

The infinite wisdom that lives inside of you is never going to show you “how” to make the money or what the “secret” biz strategy is. 

The goal is not money. Never has been. Never will be.

People chase knowledge and self development programmes in pursuit of money to then find that they’re still in a reality of “not enough”.

When you have “The Channel”, you stop chasing money and start pursuing something much deeper.

It’s not that the money doesn’t matter or that the money stops coming. Neither of these are true. But the money stops defining your life, your measure of success, and your worth. It stops being a bragging right or a point of shame. Your bills, your needs and your desires are all taken care of. Faith takes over BECAUSE of The Channel. Because of that connection to something far greater than our personal need for identity, goals, ambition or success.

This isn’t to say these things are bad. They are not. But they don’t need to consume us and trap us in our ego-mind. 

I stopped tracking my monthly income a while ago. You may have noticed for a long time I haven’t shared my business figures or finances. I used to. Before my Soul Source connection was so strong. There’s nothing bad or wrong about sharing figures. I’m all for financial transparency and financial literacy. It’s so needed in an industry where people can brag about a 2M turnover but conveniently hide the fact their profit margin was barely enough to cover an average mortgage. The figures don’t mean anything without context. Figures without context just uphold the ego-mind narratives that our success and worth is fundamentally attached to our “perceived” finances.
It’s not. 

The most heart breaking pattern I see in my fellow coaches out there is their need to show how much they’ve made or how many people have signed up so they can prove themselves worthy of further sign ups, payments and clients.

The Soul is so absent from this narrative, it makes me wonder how long it can be sustained. The ego-mind has a lifespan. The Soul does not. The Soul has access to endless infinite energy in its Source connection via The Channel. The ego-mind does not. And whilst the ego-mind can be “pumped” and even experience feelings of “being in love” with the work the human is doing, what it’s really experiencing is intoxication. That toxicity erodes the Soul Source connection. I know this from personal experience and the work I’ve done with clients. It’s reversible though, that’s the good news :)

It might seem strange for a “money coach” to not share monthly and annual revenue achievements. All the other money coaches do right?? I don’t just teach money acquisition though. I teach money consciousness and the rich mentality. Very soon I’ll be teaching the rich embodiment… what it is to know money in your Soul.

I don’t share my figures because the money doesn’t matter. My lifestyle matters. My Soul mission and truth matters. My abundant reality matters.

My life matters.

Read that again and say it to yourself.

“My life matters.”

Not your money goals. Not your revenue. Not your strategy or your sales pieces.

Your life. That’s what matters.

Your nervous system. Your health. Your desires. Your heart. Your lived human experience, physical and emotional. That’s what matters.

And what is your life….?

You are a Soul, incarnated in a body, with the wisdom of the entire Universe inside of you. 

You are here to experience that.

Tap out of your ego-mind narratives. Tap out of the external search for truth & validation.

Tap back in to you.

Tap into The Channel.

>>> The first lesson is Faith, because you’re going to need it, not just for this work, but for your entire Life <<<

You’ll see what I mean when you get to the landing page. There are no details other than it requires faith to jump into something you’re not sure what it is.

What I can tell you is this: It will change your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine right now. 

You will learn Faith in the unknown, in yourself, and in others. This will heal your relationship with the Divine, with yourself, and with others, in one simple action. Then once you’re in we’ll take that deeper.

You’ll learn to heal the witch wound, how to stop being scared of what others might think, and you’ll stop being scared of your own power and potential. 

You will SEE your power and potential.

You’ll learn to Channel. This will take time. Spoiler alert: This is not a short container. It’s a fairly long one. You will learn to identify the ego-mind and the Soul. You will learn to tap in and out of both, knowing when and how to use each tool. You will learn how to become a master of your ego-mind, rather than it being a master of you. 

You will learn to receive messages from Source, how to move these through your human filter of understanding and experience.

You will learn how to become the embodiment of this unique wisdom you have made your own.

You will learn how to be a magnetic force for the receiving of messages and for a family of Souls who are ready to receive your wisdom.

I’ll stop there with the spoilers for now.

The investment is £2222 with payment plans starting from £388.

We will journey together until we are complete.

>>> The image & the words for you to connect to, and the leap of faith button right here <<<

My love always


p.s. for whoever needs to hear this… you deserve freedom