The Importance of Embodiment

There’s just one more day left of my 5 day free experience; The Shift. 

Today I’ve been sharing the piece that most people miss. The vital part of the puzzle that means the difference between actual lasting change and a sustainable shift, or allowing yourself to slip back into the old behaviours, narratives and patterns of your past. 

I get it, change is scary. Self trust is scary. But let me tell you the most terrifying thing of all… 

Attempting to build a future on the foundation of your past will only have you repeating your current reality until you die. 

If you want to be scared of anything, be shit scared of THAT. 

THIS is why I’m so passionate about The Shift. It’s unlike any free event or experience I’ve ever run before. The entire premise of it is to make sure you change for GOOD, not just for the week you show up for it and a few weeks or months after. Forever. Because you deserve the version of your future that’s build from solid, unfuckwithable, embodied foundations. 

That’s the final piece… embodiment. Embodying the lessons from your past experiences so they can be used to elevate you to your next level and your conscious service without the bullshit. 

The past isn’t really real. Neither is the future. The only thing that’s real is the present moment, right now. As you read my words, nothing else exists. Not as anything more tangible than a concept. Anything before this moment only exists as a memory. A memory has been through the filter of hindsight. The exact same event will look different in each individual’s memory, it will even look different in your own as you continue to filter it with emotions, and blame and stories every time you think of it. 

There’s no truth to it, there’s no congruence to it, it does not exist. The only value it holds are the lessons it can impart on the present version of you. Learning these lessons and burning the memory are the key to doing things differently. 

When you take the lessons of your Universal assignments seriously and commit to learning them, you eventually reach the point of no return (and the point beyond that!). 
The point where you will never hit rock bottom ever again because YOU have got your own back. That’s next level gratitude and the point where things get to be easy. I’m not saying shit won’t still hit the fan from time to time, but the way you respond to it will be forever changed. The way it affects you (or ceases to affect you) will be forever different. You become untouchable because you have expanded your energy to hold it all. 

You’re embodied. 

You trust. 

You understand that it’s all working out, all of the time, for your greatest highest good. You are able to walk through the flames of a world on fire because the only fire that gets to you now is the one in your belly driving you to make use of your Shift and contribute to the collective through your unique Divine service. 

You understand that you were made to receive. Your body is a vessel of receiving and dispersing energy, your existence makes you worthy of receiving it all. 

Embodiment is the energetic alchemy of the flesh and of the quantum field. It’s how you balance the masculine and feminine energies within yourself. It’s your capacity to hold more in a moment than you’ve ever held in your entire life. It’s the ability to hold dual vibrations at the same time and KNOW what you need to do. 

Excitement AND fear. 

Faith AND doubt. 

Trust AND Uncertainty. 

It’s those moments you find yourself in where you can hear your Soul screaming at you to take a certain path, make a certain move, invest in a certain container and it terrifies you but excites you all at the same time. Your heart thuds in your chest as though it’s trying to break free, your breath becomes shallow and your whole body feels as though it may light on fire. 

And you take that embodied duality as your springboard and you leap. 

Into the unknown. 

Into The Knowing. 

The final piece to ever lasting and sustainable change. 

Are you ready? 

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My love always,