The Freedom of Decision

Everything has changed. The Shift is complete. If you haven’t been a part of this sensationally transformational week, you can still sign up to watch the replays for free – but they will only be available until the end of next week. 

Since Monday I have been devoting myself to this free container delivering teachings on the power of commitment, the frequency of blame, the 1% energy, the sanctity of your word and the importance of embodiment. 

The 4 elements of The Shift have been rippling through all who have joined me. 

Now it’s time to decide. 

All week I’ve been opening programmes and containers within the Ask Harriette Mastery Pathway. They are all designed to help you sustain your Shift well past this week and into your next level, and the next, and the next. 

For every person that has taken a leap, I’ve seen another paralysing themselves with fear and indecision. Desperately trying to talk themselves out of what their Soul is pushing them towards by looking for permission, or validation that they’re truly “ready”, or attempting to use logic to do “what’s sensible”. 

My darling, if this is you, all you are doing is re-creating the same reality you desire to escape. You are wasting valuable energy on a frequency that does nothing but exhaust you from over analysing. The decision is actually the easiest part, it’s the obvious part once you have done this work. 

BUT, Ellie, and this is the key piece to settling the inner torment… the decision has to come from a state of embodiment for who you want to become, NOT who you are now. 

Indecision is actually a decision in itself, it’s a decision to run away from the woman you were always meant to be. If any or all of these containers are on your mind when I’m not on your screen, or in your inbox or in your scroll, they are also on your Soul. They are where you’re meant to be. 

It’s scary, sure. But don’t make the mistake of thinking your fear is warning you off something. Too often, it’s quite the opposite. Fear and faith live in the exact same space in your quantum field. They reside in your 6th energy body, or your third eye. They are two sides of the same coin. Both serve you. 

When you lean into your fear, you activate your faith. When you run away from your fear, you abandon your faith. 

Old school Law of Attraction teachings tell you that manifestation is impossible unless you eradicate all lower frequencies and commit to staying high vibe. Those teachings have fucked so many people over. Not in the sense that they don’t work; it is possible to manifest with the Law of Attraction, but results tend to be very hit and miss and it’s an exhausting way of going about it. (Side note, if you don’t have a copy of my 11 Universal Laws, I highly recommend you grab them for £44, the Law of Co-Creation alone blows the old attraction teachings out the water). 
They’ve fucked people over because they’ve made people afraid of their emotions. They’ve made people avoid the types of feelings that are
1) there to be experienced, because as a spiritual being having a human experience you actually desire to feel it all.
2) Necessary to understanding yourself, your contribution and that are there to give you powerful and vital intel on your energy. 

You can not manifest unless you’re willing to look at your fear, because when you’re honest, there isn’t really anything you want that isn’t outside of your comfort zone. If it wasn’t you’d already have it. 

If you’re not ready to feel the fear, you can’t receive what you truly want. Instead the Universe will send you assignments and experiences to challenge you and call you up to your fears. 

They are necessary for expanding your energy. When you activate your fear, you activate your faith. Your 1% energy shows the fuck up. 

All of the programmes on the Mastery Pathway are now open until the 4th October. Including the Mastery Bundle, which includes all of them at a huge discount. 

The only thing left to complete your shift, is the decision. 

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My love always,