The Free Event of The Year Is Here!

You know how fierce I am about my soul mission, to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth. You might not know WHY it’s so important to me…


Quite simply, because moolah in the hands of conscious women WILL change the world for the better. For us, for the next generation and for all to come. The more I see the world burning around me, the more a fire is lit inside me to make good on this mission, asap! The more I see talented, powerful, gifted women burning out, becoming demotivated, succumbing to the stress this strange world is hell bent on putting us under, the more I become hellbent on providing the solution. 
The very first solution is to completely reshape, redesign and reinvigorate your relationship with the gold stuff. Old programming and limiting beliefs towards receiving, spending and just HAVING cash don’t serve anyone. And unfortunately they run deep, thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning deep, much deeper than simple mindset work alone can really reach. 


Mindset work is and always will be important, it’s where my teachings originated from and it’s a necessary prerequisite for what I’m about to deliver to you, but it doesn’t create drastic change. The type of change that can sometimes be hard to even imagine because it’s SO far away from what you’ve been taught is available to you. 


So you’re plodding along, doing ok, maybe even earning more right now than you’ve ever earned before. But you’re still running into roadblocks. You’re still not overflowing. You might even be telling yourself you don’t “need” to be overflowing because of some greed based belief around how much dollah is too much (there’s no such thing). 


And it possibly looks like this for you… 


💰 Calling in the coins perfectly alright, but actually holding on to them is a total headache 
💷 Clinging on to the idea that you’re simply just “bad at managing the bucks” 
💸 Petrified of sales conversations because despite renaming it “energy exchange” you still know full well what it really means and asking for it makes your stomach embark on an Olympic gymnastic routine
💰 Stuck doing all the things in your business because becoming responsible for the income of a team is a huge pile of NOPE 
💷 You’re besties with the boom and bust cycle 
💸 You keep manifesting clients who don’t pay on time, if ever 


If this is where you’re at, it’s ok, we’ve ALL been there. But staying there longer than you need to is a big no no, which is why I really want you to sign up to my FREE event, starting on the 17th May…


6 Days To M.O.R.E Wealth (we’re actually still calling it the usual “m” word, but this tends to send our emails to spam, which is why I’m throwing a thesaurus at you) 


All you need to do is register and come along ready to ditch anything and everything that isn’t helping you become the most abundant version of you. 


Me and the team will be giving you everything we’ve got, as per, to help you… 


💫 Move from fear and shame to empowered and in control 

⭐️ Learn the easy breezy, stress free ways to increase your profits immediately 

💫 Find out how selling can and should become part of your daily spiritual practice (this changes everything!) 

⭐️ Learn how to spend and save consciously so your bank balance doesn’t keep mysteriously dwindling 

💫 How to manifest moolah using the 10 energy bodies 

⭐️ Replace doubt and dread with total faith and trust 


You’ll also have several opportunities throughout the week to be personally coached by me and Mia so we can make your breakthroughs even more profound! 


Just 6 days to create M.O.R.E wealth with total confidence, and all that’s required is your time! 

>> Sign up for free here << 

Love always,