Thank You Angel

Today I met an angel.

She was the beach towel cabana girl.

And, from the paradise island of Mauritius, some things became abundantly clear. Heaven, really is, a place on earth.

For months I’ve adopted this phrase ‘Angel’ and I use it mostly on strangers, rather than loved ones. ‘Thankyou Angel’, ‘Bless you Angel’, ‘For you Angel’, are phrases that frequent my mouth with minimal thought. I didn’t adopt it from anyone, or at least not anyone I’m aware of. It just seemed to transpire into my life as habits do, without rhyme or reason, and simply by the law of attraction.

Was I attracting angels into my life? Or was I just beginning to recognise their presence on earth?

I prefer the latter.

And in recognising their presence, life suddenly became more abundant, and my ability to manifest became ever present. Recently I’ve been having premonitions, about silly things, like numbers, finances, recognising certain places, being sick (literally… gross!), but I’ve also noticed I’ve endured more panic and anxiety without knowing why I suddenly lost my self control and ability to rein in my emotions, like one does wild horses.

Today, a 30 second conversation with a towel cabana girl in her angelic form told me everything I need to know. I transitioned. And naturally, change comes with resistance, confusion and apprehension. But change also eventually reaps surrender. And surrender I did. To the knowledge that angels walk among us. To protect, to heal and to guide.

Not only do they walk among us, they walk within us. We are they, and they are we. We are all one.

And today, this wasn’t the only realisation that hit me.

You are also an angel.

You’ve just been blessed with a physical form so you can enjoy and fulfil this thing we call ‘life’.

Spread your wings Angel.

With love,

Harriette x


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February 29, 2016