Why I Wear Six Inch Heels Every Day

I’m quite often complimented on my footwear (I’m a self-confessed Kurt Geiger & Jimmy Choo addict), but more often I’m asked how I even manage the pressure of wearing stiletto’s around the clock, especially with my often gruelling work schedule, and glittering social calendar…

To be honest, I don’t give myself a choice, I don’t own a single pair of flat shoes. Not one.

I threw them all out after a break up over three years ago and swore then to always be true to myself, no matter how painful that ‘trueness’ might be, emotionally, physically, spiritually, economically and socially. Globally accepted values aren’t necessarily ‘Harriette-accepted’ values, and this lady… well she’s a power house, a glamorous one… and six inch heels are a part of the daily make up, and part of my daily discipline.

By removing the choice from my life, I disciplined my body into wearing heels, pencil skirts, skin-tight jeans and all the rest… and by disciplining my body, I disciplined my mind. (It was also great for my physique and health because pencil skirts and skin-tight jeans demand a perfectly flat tum, i.e. no binging or unhealthy eating habits could continue).

***Disclaimer: I am not even remotely suggesting all women should subscribe to daily heel wearing… but we should all subscribe to a choice that is true to ourselves***

I quickly lived up to the realisation that if I can get used to the pain of wearing heels all day every, and all night, that I could condition my mind to handle anything too. These days I don’t even notice any pain or even slight discomfort from my wardrobe choices, in fact, I feel fantastic leaving the house happy in my own skin. Similarly, my brain seems to be able to cope with a lot more stress and pressure. By removing the option to succumb to the temptation of my ‘comfort zone’, I’ve created an internal environment (inside my head, and my shoes) where I can maximise my potential.

I raised the bar. Raised the pain threshold. Removed the comfort zone. And you know what they say about life beginning at the end of your comfort zone? (I’m sure you have but for clarity’s sake they say life begins at the end of your comfort zone!)

Through removing choice, discipling mind and body, being true to myself and my choices, I’m a stronger, happier, more successful, and authentic, version of myself… and I’m six inches taller! What’s not to love?!

What choices can you make today to ensure a better life for your true self?

With love

Harriette x