Sex at 37 weeks pregnant

Words have been trying to come through me all morning… all night… truthfully words have been trying to come through me for weeks but I’ve been hiding

Hiding like I haven’t hid for a LONG time

Maybe it’s being so heavily pregnant that has me protecting my life from potential predators

Maybe it’s the speed with which I flew to my epic next level after suffering a major professional blow earlier this year

Maybe it’s the fact that I still can’t quite believe I’m sat here in my newly bought 2million pound home, pregnant with my second child, married to the love of my life, an army of support around me, and really truly embodying “having it all”

Maybe it’s being on the edge of feeling invincible and not daring to admit that “just in case” I’m wrong

Maybe it’s all of the above and none of the above

“Maybe” is all we need. “Maybe” is more powerful that we realise… because we NEVER NEED to KNOW to simply BE and exist in a state of fulfilment.

The last weeks and months I’ve felt it all – guilt, shame, fear, frustration, anxiety, self-loathing, self-doubt AND elation, excitement, effortless overflowing abundance, true love, deep gratitude, joy, bliss, peace… and of course, all the pregnancy hormones!

This morning my husband and I had sex. Not an uncommon occurrence usually but being 37 weeks pregnant has its challenges!!

I caught myself yesterday looking in the mirror as I sat on the edge of our bed…. belly so big my boobs sit on top doing a brilliant impression of 2 slightly deflated pilates balls sitting on a shelf. My left ankle had started to swell, the bags under my eyes getting darker by the day as pregnancy insomnia becomes undeniable, hair piled on top of my head because the effort to drag a brush through it is just too much… and honestly, I didn’t like what I saw. In fact the word I used in silence was “gross”.

Yet this morning when Stephen asked me to get on top, my initial panic of “shit I’m so big, how is this going to work, what if he thinks I’m gross too, what if I’m too heavy etc etc”, was immediately alchemised into “fuck I feel SEEN and LOVED fully as I am”, and whatever has kept me hiding away these last few months instantly melted away.

Yesterday I finished writing and recording a training for my SourceMind Mastermind ladies on Aquarian Audience Acquisition Strategies (truthfully more about the energy of it than the strategy of it), but in it I said something along the lines of:

Let whatever is meant to come through you, come through you. The words don’t need to have an end game, a goal, a purpose, a clever conversion strategy layered underneath them. The words just have their own agenda, their own intention, their own way of serving, when you just get out of the way and let them flow. 

So whatever you need to hear in this rambled unravelling of my truth this morning is yours for the taking.

Maybe you needed to hear sex at 37 weeks is both possible, beautiful, sacred, AND terrifying, a little awkward, and insecure.

Maybe you needed to hear that even those mentors you deem to be super successful & invincible get scared sometimes, doubt themselves, experience deep-seated fear, get out of alignment, stop sharing the flow of their words and messages, and that’s OK.

Maybe you needed to hear that keeping yourself safe and not sharing everything all the time is OK too.

Maybe you needed to understand the power of Maybe, and be shown that you don’t need to KNOW it all to HAVE it all.

Maybe you just wanted reassurances that I will be doing a house tour soon haha and the only reason I haven’t is because I’ve been in this hiding / self-protection state of being as I’ve scaled to this epic new level I’m now existing in.

Maybe more words, flow and truth will come from me tomorrow. Maybe it won’t. Maybe that’s all OK.

But for today… I am ready to be seen. Again.

Being fully me, fully transparent, vulnerable, raw, real, honest, truthful, and fearless…. that is my job here on this Planet. This is the work the Universe pays me to do.

This is the work you are paid to do too. God / Universe / Source only has one ask of us in this thing we call life (well technically a few but they all roll into one):

  • Be fully you as much as you can be in your lived experiences
  • Take those experiences, learn from them, share them and help the world become a better place as much as you can
  • Allow magic, messages, love, God / Universe / Source to flow through you daily and embody your highest truth & love daily as much as you can

^^^ This is paraphrased from the Incarnation Intentions I teach inside my 11 Universal Laws Programme (copyright Ask Harriette Ltd)

I think that’s my piece for today.

Until next time

Love always


p.s. SourceMind trainings are currently compiled of 13 chapters of training on all things Aquarian business, strategy, energy, mindset, consciousness, energy bodies, money manifesting, launching etc etc. IF you’re curious to know more get in touch!