Say Whatever Is On Your Soul – Let it out

Happy Thursday!

I just wrapped an amazing interview with Lindsey Ardmore on all things Money Consciousness. I wanted to share with you one of the key tools I talked about on the live training:

To help you expand your money flow… Say whatever is on your soul… just let it out. 

One of the keys to money consciousness is understanding the receiving and dispersal of money flow. 

We are human vessels, perfectly designed and built to receive and disperse the flow of all energies, not just money, but money is my speciality so we riff.

Money like all energy in the Universe needs to flow through the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is from Source inspiration, into your Soul, and out through your energy bodies intro true manifested form (want to know more, make sure you’re following me on Instagram WITH notifications turned on, the algorithm is playing silly beggars right now).

So many people struggle with money flow and money consciousness at the first hurdle… the point where Source energy, and all energy, wants to express itself through your Soul, i.e. what’s on your heart.

Doing the inner work is great. The trauma work, the shadow work, the healing, and the processing, but at some point all those beautiful lessons and messages need to flow from you and out into the world where they can consciously contribute to the collective to help the healing and raising of all of humanity.

Whilst those messages stay within you, they stay stuck, your flow becomes blocked, and so does your money.

This is not to say that EVERYTHING you’re going through needs to be aired in public, or that anything needs to be shared that you’re not ready to share. There’s nothing worse than sharing aspects of yourself that aren’t fully healed and finding it triggers the wound even more because you just weren’t ready, but you can know and trust that there are always things that your Soul IS ready to share, things others would really benefit from hearing, things that consciously contribute and raise the vibration of the Planet.

WHAT we share doesn’t have to be epically profound or insightful, sometimes the truest expression of who we are is in the simple things, and sometimes it doesn’t require words at all. We can say whatever is on our Soul through music, dance, art, even silly tick tock videos. Getting into the habit of expressing your unapologetic sacred self will work wonders for your money consciousness. 

Sacred selling tip: Don’t share and speak TO sell… share and speak to serve. The money always follows. And you can ask for the money, of course, I always recommend you do, but the intention behind your sharing and speaking is so much purer if the intention is to serve and help, rather than sell. You may actually find it’s easier to share what’s on your Soul if you let go of the need to sell as a result of what you share. 

The more organic, authentic, truthful and Divine the better. 

Side note: That’s not to say we can’t talk about uncomfortable taboo and “shadow” topics, of course we can!! But do it from a healed place, or at least a healing place, because then you know you’re serving your best interests as well as the greatest highest good of others. Social media can unfortunately be used as a space for people to launch their dirty laundry and play out their wounds in real time, without going through the self-honouring process of nourishing and nurturing themselves first.

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