“Relax, It’s nothing money can’t fix”

I wanted to share with you the conversations I had with my darling husband this morning:

Us: Let’s turn the garage into a home gym! Great idea!

Me: Immediately sources 2 companies to do all the work for us, including clear out, design, professional install, and induction session

Him: Immediately starts to figure out how to do it himself on a budget

Me: “Oh yay I think we can do this for anywhere between £5000 and £15,000!”

Him: Why would we spend that sort of money on a home gym?! 🤯

Me: “Because I don’t have the time, patience, or inclination to start thinking about sourcing materials, labourers, figuring out the best design, the best equipment, or clearing out that garage myself lol”

Him: “You throw money at everything!”

~ toddler interruptus ~

Ostara: “Daddy daddy give me my headphones”

~ a whole scene plays out in which he tries to explain to her they’re his headphones and clearly she’s not having any of it because she’s my daughter ~

Me: “oh babe just buy her her own pair, seriously, not worth the arguments!”

Him: “you can’t keep throwing money at solving problems!”

Me: “darling, of course I can… what on earth do you think money is for?! There’s nothing money can’t fix, it’s literally a problem solving frequency!”

Him: “oh, yeah, right” [silenced into submission by the money queen once again and begins to contemplate his life decisions] 😂

My poor husband! He really does get the harshest money lessons because I have a zero bullshit filter with him and won’t stand for negative narratives around money under this roof. Having said that, he is learning, fast, and manifesting money fast too… but that’s a story for another time (I’m yet to ask permission to share how he has manifested £20,000 out of no where in recent weeks). Oh scoot did I just let the cat out of the bag?! 🤪

Money is a problem solving frequency

➡️ Throwing money at solving problems is NOT a bad thing (despite many of us conditioned to believe we shouldn’t spend “unnecessarily”)

➡️ There’s no such thing as unnecessary spending… it IS necessary to spend money… the energy itself demands to be dispersed (Law of Abundance)

➡️ There’s not a great deal money can’t fix

➡️ Yes it can’t buy happiness as the old cliche goes, but it can buy support, solutions, and even sleep (I just spent £1000 on the Snoo Baby Bassinet because Odin wasn’t sleeping which means I wasn’t sleeping).

Having money and spending it well doesn’t make you greedy, obstinate, shallow, selfish, indulgent, spoilt, reckless or any other words you typically apply to people you see with extreme wealth

In fact, the only reason you’re even applying those adjectives to wealthy people is because it helps lessen the pain of the negative emotions you feel towards your own financial reality

But judging other people for the money they have and how to spend it won’t change your financial reality

If you want to “fix” your financial reality, like every other problem in this world, I’d recommend throwing some money at it, because (say it with me):

💰 Money is a problem solving frequency 💁🏻‍♀️

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My love always


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