Do you know how powerful you are? Let me remind you. 

You are Source expressed. 

You are the Universe. 

You are energy that is conscious of itself. 

You are an alchemist. 

You are both human and Divine in the same breath. In every breath. 

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Energy playing with itself, experimenting with itself, figuring out what’s possible. 

So often we forget all of this, or we spend the majority of our incarnation unaware of it all together. We don’t realise how joyful life can really be when we understand the true expansiveness of the power we actually hold. 

So we don’t play with it. We subscribe to stories of hopelessness, we leave questions unanswered, we manifest hardships and traumas and experiences that keep us less than. We follow the status quo, don’t listen to our dreams and desires and settle for what’s “sensible”, what will pay the bills. 

We convince ourselves that the choice is desires OR bills. That it’s unrealistic to have both or to go after one without the requirement of sacrificing the other for longer than is comfortable. We make our human experience conditional. 

All because we forget our power. 

Even the word power can make us feel uncomfortable. As though it’s a dangerous enemy that shouldn’t be underestimated or messed with. Because the norms we subscribe to teach us that power is corrupt. Those who have it abuse it. Those who seek it are not to be trusted. That once you have it all you’ll care about is more power, and its faithful sidekick money. 

But the truth is power isn’t something you seek and eventually gain, it’s something you are. And when you embrace it, it softens you. It opens you up to love, peace, grace, vulnerability, and creates space for you to see and understand the real magnitude of what your human experience can do for you. 

Power creates permission. Permission to play with your natural capabilities of alchemy, manifestation and expression. 

Unconscious thoughts and behaviours become conscious. 

Limits become limitless. 

The norm becomes available to be questioned. YOUR norm becomes available to be manifested. 

Pressure to meet demands becomes opportunities to create. 

Bills get paid effortlessly because that’s why they exist. You realise your desires are just as important if not more so. And you let yourself have both. 

You understand that money is also just energy, one that can dance with yours, since it is nothing more than an alternative expression of the same power you are. You realise it isn’t to be feared – whether that’s a fear of losing it, a fear of it changing you, a fear of the perceived responsibility it brings – you drop all of that, because you remember that when you combine your energy with the energy of money, you can do good, kind, conscious, healing things for the world. Even if all that means is YOU being fully supported and therefore radiating positivity. 

Money is the currency of Planet Earth, you are energy that is conscious of itself. You and money are intimately connected and you always will be. 

Remembering your power helps you make that connection an enjoyable, helpful, contributable one. 

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Love always, 
(And of course, Harriette from her baby bubble)