Permission To Be Fully You Today!

Where to start!! I have all the things I want to say and share with you, it’s literally pouring from me and I can’t stop!

This may be one of many emails you receive today, but it’s your Soul calling mine to deliver the words you desire to hear, so here we go (thank you for pulling me forward into your energy and your inbox):

💫 You have full permission to be in a state of bliss today.

💫 You have full permission to slow down, breathe, place your hands on your beautiful belly, and smile, just because you can.

💫 You have full permission to turn off the phone and run a bubble bath in the middle of the day.

💫 You have full permission to light a candle and just gaze at the flickering flame.

💫 You have full permission to take off your bra and relax.

💫 You have full permission to do all of this and more whilst still receiving payment after payment after payment for just doing the work that you do, i.e. being yourself.

Try being fully you for a day. I promise you it feels INCREDIBLE!

When you fully allow yourself to be you, bra-less, mum-bun, balanced, steady, in control, and yet fully-surrendered, in the flow of life, just following all those intuitive nudges to write, to read, to study, to sign up to the mastermind or the course, to eat the yummy things, to let your belly fully relax, to take off the jeans, to walk barefoot outside, to pour from your Soul into the Soul of another…

… when you fully allow yourself to be you, it is BLISSFUL.

I did all of these things today by the way. I am still braless (it’s a pregnancy boob situation), with a mum bun despite the hair being freshly washed, I signed up to yet another mastermind this morning (4th major investment of the year), the belly is fully relaxed (baby boy is kicking away in there), I’ve eaten the yummy things, my feet are bare, the jeans are off, I have studied, read, written, coached, and fully honoured myself.

The result….

💫 Ding ding ding of consistent payments coming through from new clients, old clients, existing clients.

💫 Ding ding ding of messages from people requesting to chat to me about my new mastermind and my 1:1 offers.

💫 Ding ding ding of notifications from my awesome team who are doing all the things to support me.

💫 Ding ding ding of spirit-messages and downloads in my head with love notes to share, trainings to write and create.

The life of a Soul-led, but strategically savvy and supported business woman IS THIS.

It’s effortless money flow, effortless intuition, effortless self-honouring, effortless flow… it’s effortless ease. It’s what I call being fully tapped into SourceMind.

It has taken me a LONG TIME to master this. I’ve invested heavy, I’ve tried and tested so many ways, and what I’ve come back to time and time again is the Mind of Source.

You see Source… the big huge infinite expansive intuitive space that you can tap into occasionally… that’s very feminine, very magical, mystical, and un-bound. Source has no container. She is infinite, sometimes hard to grasp or understand, always expanding, always mysterious.

And then there’s Mind… your mind which I imagine you know quite well. It likes to figure things out. It has systems for ensuring your body works, you keep breathing, and processing your food etc. The Mind likes recognition, solidarity, security. It likes to know and understand things. It likes to critically analyse, weigh up risk, map things out. It likes to think it has all the idea, but truly they are just ego-ideas, not Source-led-ideas.

But what happens when you bring Source and Mind together.

Well THAT my darling, that is the real solid gold life & business embodiment of masculine and feminine working together in perfect harmony and unity, to facilitate you being the fully expressed, unapologetic, abundant version of you.

THAT is my new mastermind, SourceMind. This is a skill, a gift, a miracle container – a 12 month Aquarian business mastermind for the woman who is truly ready to embrace it all… the money, the clients, the expansion, the up level, the automated income, the multiple revenue streams, the effortless intuitive guidance, the fully plugged into Source experience, the deepest knowing and trusting of Self you’ve ever experienced.

It is the money-making blend of strategy, science, spirituality and self, that takes you from where you are now, into the unfiltered, overflowing, abundant, fully expressed version of you… living the life you dream of.

I’m accepting calls and applications NOW. We start in just a few short weeks. Do not miss out on this opportunity to completely transform your life.

Feel the bliss as you drink the words in. SourceMind is calling you.

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My love always