Nothing changes unless something changes

Tomorrow, the opportunity to become a member of the Money Consciousness Method family will be gone. Now really is the time for action. 

I know there are so many of you on the fence who desperately want to join us on this 6 month journey of energetic and financial transformation, and I wouldn’t be responsible to my Soul purpose of bringing the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth if I didn’t speak directly to you on this. 

Change is scary. There’s no way around it. Human’s detest change, we’re hard wired to stay in the comfort zone. So even though you’ve felt the pull, you deeply desire this knowledge, this level of support and real, tangible transformation in your reality, you’re allowing the voice of the ego to come in and keep you firmly where it’s comfortable and “safe”. 

Just as an FYI – we have trainings inside the MCM on exactly how to manage your ego and use it to keep expanding rather than staying stuck. 

Ellie. Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes. You can not expect to “be in a better position next year” unless you actively DO something to put yourself in a better position. You’re just bypassing responsibility for your reality by pushing it into the future so you don’t have to do the thing that scares you now. It’ll still scare you whenever you do it, the only difference is you’ll have lost a year. At least. 

How much time and money are you leaving on the table by committing to your habit of saying no? Because that’s all it is, a habit. The go to response that doesn’t require you to face any triggers, or any emotions or any decisions. You can break that habit any time you choose, but you DO have to make a conscious choice. 

Waiting for more money before you learn how to create more money is like waiting to be fit before you join the gym. Why would you wait an unprecedented amount of time to be in the position this programme is showing you how to be in in 6 months or less? 

You’re at a pivotal moment right now. One that’s asking you to get real with yourself about what you really want, and how committed you’re prepared to be to it. That takes some real big ovaries to look at, so I get that it’s much easier to just not look at it and tell yourself it’s not the right time. So let me flip this round for you.. 

Imagine it’s not you making this decision. Imagine it’s your partner, or your child, or someone you really really care about. Imagine they’re on the precipice of getting all the desires fulfilled, of changing their life for the better forever, of living out every one of their dreams – would you deny them that? 

That’s what I thought. So why are you denying yourself? You’re the only one who loses out here. What’s scarier.. pushing the button now, or saying no again, waiting again, and when next time comes around, all the same blocks, hurdles and reasons to not leap are still there. 

Nothing changes until something changes. 

>> Make the change << 

You have just over 24 hours left. 

Love always,